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just showing off

i just have to share these photos because the subjects are so adorable!


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i found a fun site through my friend Melanie.

it’s greeting cards for all us mormons.

oh, yes, i am LDS or Mormon as most people say. no we are not poligimists. there i have said my piece.

anyway, they are really kind of funny.  i love when people can poke a little fun at themselves and these are totally along those lines.  they have taken some really cliche and stereotypical sayings and made them into greeting cards.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a few.  Tell me what you think.

if your wondering if I would actually send this one to someone, i absolutely would!

everyone needs to get more personal mail that makes them laugh.

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do you ever feel like the misfit or odd man out?

i grew up in a family who loved to camp. truth be told, i loved to camp. i loved to fish with my grandpa hunt, i loved to sleep in a tent, i loved the fire, the hot chocolate, traveling in the camper, hiking, getting dirty, seeing the sights and making smores. (we also grew up snowmobiling and i hated that too. but that was simple, i don’t do cold. i was born with a broken heater, end of story.)

then suddenly, i didn’t like it anymore. i’m not sure when it happened exactly, somewhere around 16. i no longer wanted to sleep in a tent or fish or get dirty or use an outhouse. i didn’t hate everything, just all the parts that didn’t involve the comforts of home. and then i got married and i discovered my husband really liked to camp too. i tried to change him, really i did. i think it backfired on me though because he wants to go camping more and more. i’m sure my father feels like he has failed me some how. my sister is an outdoor enthusist. she could probably survive a week in the back country with 2 sticks, a bag a trail mix and a tarp. then she would emerge clean, happy, refreshed and telling you about the wonderful time she had. sorry dad! one of us learned everything you know!

before this year the last camping excursion we went on i spent 98% off the time in my parents RV. I thank the Lord for that RV! i was about 9 weeks pregnant with Sara and sicker than dog. i had never experienced nausia with pregnancy before and i don’t do nausia. i heard my children had fun on that trip, i wouldn’t know.

so as you can imagine that i was less than excited about this years camping adventures. i tried really hard to be enthusiastic about it but everyone knew i was just faking it for the kids. so i put on my best happy face and pulled out my best attitude and wouldn’t you know it we had a really great time.

here are the secrets to having a great time camping for the girl who finds camping less than enjoyable.

own a RV so you can sleep inside on a bed, with a heater and toilet and shower.

let husband and children sleep outside in the tent. disclaimer-do not go in the tent until the camping trip is over for fear of discovering the chaos inside.

rent ATV’s! i will never go camping again without them. they were sooo fun.

send children, husband, aunts and uncles off on ATV’s and read your book in the peace and tranquility of the beautiful mountains.

here we are on our hike to the teepee just before Ry inadvertantly took out Jen’s nose with the stick he is holding. good times!

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is anyone out there?

it seems i’m not alone in the fact that this week is crazy busy.

all blogs have been left unmanned, messages and promises to return soon.

i’m right there with you.

going back to work with 2 different companies on the same week the kids & the mister go back to school has not been the brightest idea i’ve ever had.

hoping to survive the rest of the week with 4 more shifts, 2 of which are graves, back to school night, kindergarten testing, a 1st grader with serious issues that i’m so not going into right now, the husband changing schedules at work and returning to school and a 1 year old that is completely aware that we are all feeling stressed so she has decided to permanently adhere herself to my leg!

Promise to return…sometime….with less complaining!

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2 cool 4 school

I officially have 2 children in school! wow.

i thought we may have a little trouble getting all of us up and ready by 8:45 because parents get to go with the kindergarteners on the first day.

turns out i was wrong. they were up and dress by 6:45 am!

now i need to have a nap with little sister.

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you are banished!

don’t you just love the ‘get a mac’ commercials? they totally crack me up. if i’m having a bad day i can just go watch a few and they make me laugh. apple has several new ones out, you can see them here.

i was going to upload my favorite one but youtube is not cooperating. So go to here and choose ‘Throne’ or go here but the quality is not as good.


public note to my sister Teri-

you are no longer aloud to leave comments on my blog that make fun of me! yes, i ‘really said these ones’! deal with it sista! and just for the record if you teach my children to make fun of my chin hair then I BANISH YOU! and by the way, i love your guts!

this is sort of unrelated unless you watch the above video and read the comments on my last post.

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so i came upon something today that just made me laugh and laugh. you know that comedian, crap what is his name? the one that does ‘here’s your sign’. oh ya, Bill Engvall. hilarious!

you see, i sort of have a pet peeve for ‘stupid people’ and i always want to say things to them that i shouldn’t.

so when i came across these cards it took my right to my happy place.

and i know i shouldn’t love them as much as i do, but i just can’t help myself. what can i say, i come from a line of women, 3 generations back at least, whose favorite pass time was to go to the mall/local shopping center and sit on a bench and people watch. so blame it on my grandma for instilling in me a healthy dose of ‘look at that guys outfit’ and ‘i’m glad i don’t have to be seen with them’. i’m just sayin.

they are called Unmentionables and you can view them all or buy them here.

i think this is my favorite one.

I find these ones pretty funny too.

although, i’m not sure they are meant to be funny. i would give them to the mister at just the right time and he and i would have a good laugh.

do you think people would use these seriously? actually, i bet they would and that gives me a pretty good chuckle too.

and these ones.

i’m totally buying these.

in fact i am in love with these.

if you didn’t notice, this site totally made my day.

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