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photo booth fun

i have spent most of the day on the phone with insurance companies talking about home and auto insurance. doesn’t that sound fun!  so to entertain myself this is what i did.

i’m so hot! and apparently totally narcisitic!


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today i got on the scale and realized i have lost 10 lbs in the last 2 months and have kept it off. i have also lost 6% body fat which is really good. and while i am absolutely happy with loosing weight, i still have another 20 lbs to go.

i think for me it really helps to break it down into attainable, realistic 10 lb increments.  i think of it like this- i just lost baby #3’s 10 lb addition, now i’m working on baby #2’s 10 lb addition and then we will work on baby #1’s 10 lb addition.

so while i should not complain about loosing weight, i’m going to anyway.

  1. your pants fall half way down your butt when your toddler hangs on your legs in the grocery store. if you ever wanted to see my butt i’ll meet you at albertson’s in the freezer section.
  2. you have to go shopping for new jeans. i love new jeans but i do not love trying on 75 pairs to find a pair that actually cover your arse. when is this x-rated low rise trend going to go away!
  3. the more weight you loose the further your deflated, post pregnant x3 belly hangs. (that is so graphic, isn’t it?)
  4. tummy tucks cost a lot more than new jeans.
  5. last time you were this weight you fit in a size 10 but now your body is all strangely distorted and must have a size 12 to accommodate that previously mentioned belly.
  6. your 7 year old son says things like ‘mom how come your face is really skinny now but your butt isn’t?’  he’s a charmer isn’t he?

i think he’s right about my face, but i’m not posting a picture of my butt. you can thank me later.

me 1 year ago

me today

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giveaway numero uno

i’ve decided to join the crowd do something fun and have a giveaway!

one of you lucky ducks will win the following-

a Scentsy Warmer…you get to choose one of the following.

Terra Cotta

and you will also receive

  • Key Lime Tortilla Bar
  • Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Bar
  • Pear Crumble Bar
  • Pomegranate Orange Bar
  • Sunkissed Citrus Room Spray
  • Luxe Vanilla Car Candle

***to enter the contest you have to leave me a comment with the following information-

  1. how did you find this blog.
  2. have you ever heard of or used Scentsy?
  3. and finally, tell me what your sending me for my birthday in 3 weeks.
all right you don’t have to do number 3 but it is my big 30 so i’m going to need all the moral support i can get.

also be sure to leave your email address so i can contact the winner for shipping info. which by the way must be in the continental USA.

you have until Friday, Oct. 3rd at Noon MST to enter, at which time i will use the random number generator thing to pick a winner.  (and since only about 3 people read this it looks like your chances are really good!)


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playing along

Jan tagged me so here you go.

List 5 fears, 5 joys, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts about you. Tag 5 people.
1. Not having food storage
2. my children being kidnapped (or worse)
3. my husband dieing and leaving me alone!
4. having a natural disaster and not being able to locate my family
5. Going back to school (If I ever do…way stressful)
1. my family
2. the gospel
3. reading
4. sewing/painting/creating
5. pepsi
1. having the beds made
2. plucking my eye brows
3. grey’s anatomy (did you all watch last night!)
Surprising Facts
1. planning what to eat and making dinner give me a migrane!

2. the smell of licorice makes me heave.

3. i hate being the center of attention.

4. going to the dentist gives me a huge case of anxiety.

5. i have to rub my feet together while in bed or i can’t fall asleep.

I tag Melissa, Tori, Teri, Ashely, Heidi, Megan and Natalie.


by the way, i entered my quilt in this little contest.  go rate it for me, maybe it will help me win! :)

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ooo, pretty!

i spent most of yesterday canning peaches, freezing peaches, making peach freezer jam and eating peach milk shakes.  somehow i am still not sick of peaches.  i love them!

aren’t they beautiful?

i love how the two different varieties have such different colors.

i also visited every grocery story in a 10 mile radius in search of ‘no cook’ freezer pectin.  i ran into my neighbor Catherine who was in search of the same thing so we took the divide and conquer method.  thanks Catherine!

when this little one saw all the peaches she said ‘ooooo, wow, pretty num nums!’ i couldn’t agree more!

i also came across these adorable ‘critter cars’ from Wisteria. Aren’t they cute?
Loving that mirror and side table thingy too.

just so you know, in our house ‘thingy’ is a highly technical term.

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7:55 am

after extensive research and clinic trials my studies show that this child lacks the ability to move faster than a snail.

further studies have also shown that when this child feels any pressure to move faster than a snail, she looses all ability to function at all.

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i feel like the last 7 days have been more like a month.  i’m so tired and no matter how hard i try i can not organize myself.  like yesterday, i walked out of the mortgage brokers office to my car to call the mister and tell him everything i had just been told before i inevitably forgot it all. (being that he is working 72 hours this week and could not be there himself.)  i pick up my phone and dial his number. wrong number. i try again. wrong number.  i sat doing this for about 10 minutes before i became absolutely frustrated that i could not remember his number so i sent him a text to call me.  he called me and after i explained my memory problem to him he said ‘why didn’t you just look it up in your contacts?’  that is a very good question that i have no good answer to other than it did not occur to me!


i have sat down to blog about several things the past few days and obviously they didn’t ever make it. the only one i can remember is our unexpected entertainment on saturday night and you can read about that here. here is a  sneak preview for you and a part of the story Nat doesn’t include.

unexpected car and Matt’s comcast work truck.

Barry’s civic in front of Matt’s truck.

Barry and I had both driven to the baseball games on friday night and decided to leave his car at Nat’s since we would be back the next day.  he parked it on the street in front of her house. When he did this i thought to tell him to pull it up in the driveway but didn’t.  when Matt and Nat got home and saw his car parked there Matt said something to Natalie along the lines of ‘I’m going to park my truck behind Barry’s car, just in case.’  They live on one of those roads that are residential but people go way to fast anyway.  And now you can see what happened the next day.  I don’t know about you but i see a little divine intervention there since Comcast can fix there truck’s bumper and our little car would have likely been totaled. and after our last civic getting stolen last christmas i really don’t want to have to replace another car.

Thanks Matt!

(side note to the story-my hubby informs me that the driver of the car was ‘high’ and had several warrants out for possession of drugs.  always handy to have an in at the police department.)

in other news…

here are a few things i plan to make when we get into our house.

some really rustic and basic side tables and sofa tables like this.

and a shelf like this red one, just not so long and with a quilt hanging rod instead of pegs.

here are a few things i’ve been doing.

making these cute paper globes to hang in the girls room.  i got my inspiration here and here.

i finished this and i absolutely love it!  in fact i have enough left over that i’m going to make another one.

i have also started working on making this cute dress garland that i saw here, also for the girls room.

i need serious help with Ry’s room.  he wants red walls.  i have compromised to do a big red horizontal stripe.  these are a few things i’ve seen that we both like.

he also wants baseball, football and stars.  my creative juices just aren’t flowing for his room.  maybe i’ll finish the girls room first just to get pink out of my head, then something brilliant will hit me.  i’d love ideas though if you’ve got any.

here are a few things jena likes. i had decided to paint the girls room green. something like these rooms.  do you know how hard this color is to match?  the amount of lime green paint swatches sitting on my desk are making me a little bit crazy!

how about this color green?

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