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9074who-are-these-kids-postersi’m having motivational issues. it probably has a little bit to do with the fact that little sister has had a fever for 2 days and i have hardly put her down long enough to use the bathroom. (then i go and slam her fingers in the car door!!!! mother of the year right there!) or the fact that the kids are out of school and all i want to do is run and hide! (it’s true. i told you, mother of the year!) or that i took a day off yesterday and went shopping and saw Twilight with Nat and i’d rather do that again.  who knows!

what i really want to do is climb into bed with my husband who is fast asleep right now (he works nights) cuddle up and sleep myself.  or maybe if i could locate all my sewing supplies i would love to finish a few quilts i had ready to go before we moved.  that’s a little depressing to think about though because i lost that box in the move. it had all my sewing supply’s in it, minus my machine, including my grandmas scissors that meant a lot to me.  i can’t seem to get myself to go spent a couple hundred bucks and replace it all. can you blame me?

you want to hear what i think it is though? something really unexpected happened a few weeks back. it’s had me in a haze of sorts. it was all i could think about. it caused many uncharacteristic tears. it cause guilt, lots and lots of guilt. it caused the mister to question my mental stability. really.  it also made me realize how blessed i am. it made my heart ache for other people’s struggles. it shed new light on my selfishness. it answered a question i’ve been wondering for a while now. it reminded me that the lord is there for us and he knows are struggles.  the chance that i might be pregnant through me for a huge loop.  a positive test sent me into tears for days, a reaction i would never had guessed for myself. i clearly was not expecting or ready for another baby. and there in lied the question, how does one know for sure?

well, i’m not pregnant and it does come as a huge relief. so do i know we are done? no, i don’t know. but what i do know is that the lord knows me, he loves me and he will guide us to when and if and i will be ok.  isn’t it strange how the answer to a prayer can be ‘just wait, you aren’t ready to know the answer yet.’  this is my answer and it has brought me the peace i was looking for. one day at a time, that’s what i’m doing now, just enjoying one day at a time.


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without further ado…

i present the finished mantel




img_4862i am so happy with the results!

i plan to do a lot of nothing now. oh wait, thanksgiving is at my house.

busy, busy, busy!

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what to know what little sister does every morning at 9am?


right here, watching Annie and singing along at the top of her lungs!

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remember yesterday when i was whining about the mister working so much?

well, he came home early and brought me these fall flowers in a cute fall vase.

ahhh, isn’t he thoughtful?

later that same day he referred to me as his ‘trophy wife’, which is another story entirely but oh what i would give to fill that role for a while!

big sister asked me this afternoon why daddy had brought me flowers and i said something like ‘just because he likes me’.  to which she responded, ‘i think it’s because you do a tremendous job keeping the house clean and making sure we have clean underwear! and he doesn’t even have to ask you to do it!’   to which i responded with a good hardy laugh.  where she comes up with it i just don’t know.

thanks for the flowers babe, they really brighten my day!

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i’m having a moment.  i don’t know how to define it.

it’s one of those days where i had a lot of things planned, meticulously thought out errands, in order to accomplish the maximum amount before picking up big sister from kindergarten.  i managed to get it all done and i’d like to add that i spent $191.93 at the grocery store and saved $143.90! (i just started doing grocery Smarts and i’m loving those numbers!)  so i headed home with big intentions of organizing the garage and basement storage room so i had a place to put all of these previously mentioned groceries.  when i arrived i discovered the mister was on his way out the door for work.  UHG! today was supposed to be his day off.

that was my moment. my moment when all momentum was lost and i just want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, listen to the 50 mph wind gusts outside and take a nap.

do y’all ever do that? let some little thing just totally through you off track.   so here i am, blogging, while i should be organizing, putting groceries away, finishing laundry, painting my fireplace…

and another thing, i can’t find my camera. i’m not using the word lost because i have not done a thorough search. i had it yesterday?  i did say i would post pictures of my mantel so i took some on the old iphone and they’ll just have to do for now.

here is the before.

img_4763they had just taken black laminate shelving and glued it to the wall. yes, glued it, with heavy duty liquid nails. that stuff wasn’t coming off unless the drywall came with it.  then they had the same shelving on top as a mantel/shelf. high style design, huh? oh and notice the paint at the seam of the metal fireplace and the wood surround. the edge of the wood was not black so they painted it after it was glued up with what looks like craft paint.  this alone drove me crazy!

here is the new surround (not painted of course).  since we had to work with what was there we used it as a base to build from and layered 3 different moldings on top of one another down the sides.  the top and the feet we built out with strips of poplar and then mitered the molding around it.


i also picked up some Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint and painted the outer metal of the fireplace after i had sanded off the craft paint.  i thought this step might be a bit of a pain but it was actually really easy. i just forgot i was working with a lacquer not a water based paint and ended up with black finger tips for a few days. :)  it is also a satin not a gloss which i actually like better. and just a tip in case anyone decides to do this, do not get the BBQ Black, which is what the carry the most of, because it will be a flat black and end up looking like your grill out back.  unless your into that look, then knock yourself out!

Here is my mantel so far.


***i interrupt this post to tell you that big sister just showed up at my side with my camera. so now i have good pictures. yeah!***

here are a few better pictures of the side moldings.

layersit’s a little hard to tell with the white moldings but each arrow is a new layer.  this is a view from the floor up.  we could have glued these in but we just used a nail gun with finish nails.  which i have to add has to be my favorite tool.


everything between the blue tape will be painted a cream white.


this is the foot that is the same molding as the top but just turned upside down.  i have to admit, these were not so fun to make. getting the mitered  corners to fit was a bugger of a job.


view from the top. this is where the actual mantel will sit so this will not longer be visible.

mantel-pieceshere is the side/back view of the mantel. the main part is a 6 inch piece of crown molding. (get the solid wood, not the pressed wood/mdf  kind) and then i attached a smaller piece to the top to give it a rounder edge and make it longer.  the smaller piece was also routed on the back so i could slide the top shelf into it.

hanging-piecethis is the back/inside view of the mantel.  i used a lighter piece of birch for the top and bottom because i did not want it to be to heavy and then used the poplar boards again to support the inside.  the piece in the red rectangle is how it will be attached to the wall.  i have another piece exactly like this that will be turn over/opposite of this piece and secured to the wall.  then the mantel will be placed on top to rest on it and then screwed in place.  is that clear as mud?

now hopefully by tomorrow this will all be painted and done and i can show you the final product.

in case you were wondering, because i always like to know, this whole project cost about $125.  pretty dang good. (see Melissa, you can do this too!)

and by the way, the mister just called to say he’s on his way home! so back to work i go.

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trying to wrap it up

i’m just about done with all my big projects…for now. Nat and i just got done building my mantel and fireplace surround. heavy on the Nat, light on the me thanks to little sister.  in any case i’m so happy with it. i started out just buying some pre-fab stuff at Lowes thinking i’d make it really easy on myself and none of it worked.  so then we ended up building the entire thing completely from scratch.  I’ll get some pictures taken and try to get them up tomorrow.

i’ve been seeking some decoration inspiration for my main floor.

here are a few things i’m dreaming about.


i adore Rodney White’s art. i can’t get enough of his use of typography, numerology, vintage signs and inspirational poetry.


i think this Roulette clock is so whimsical and fun. you can find it at Ballard Designs.

sb100_1i’m thinking about making some side tables similar to this cute bench,  the solid lines and farmhouse style really appeal to me.


i’d like to add some yellow against my red wall and i really like this branch, maybe a few more.


i think these wooden houses from Pottery Barn are fabulous! they just might show up on my Christmas list.


i tend to lean towards the more rustic looks but i also love classic glass vases like these. (can’t remember where i found these ones)  i’m not so sure how smart this would be with the little one running around…or the big ones!

my next project (other than Thanksgiving!) will probably be this flag painted on some old barn wood for big brother’s room. i’ve wanted to make one of these for some time now.


i’ll have to share how it turns out.  maybe i’ll get crazy and do a tutorial on how to make it.

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if your in need of some help getting into the christmas spirit then what better than Jon Heder and Rainn Wilson busting a move! funny stuff.

they have a few others over here.

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