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the kids finally talked the dad into going out to build a snowman, at 6pm in the evening! i was told it was fabulous snowman building weather! what do i know?!

little sister was having a bit of trouble navigating in all the snow. (and there is not a store in the state with snow pants in stock to fit her! size 2T. anyone? anyone?)


big sister tried to help


dad and brother were oblivious (even when mom was telling them.)


and then we lost a boot.img_5103

despite her frozen hands, red cheeks, wet pants and convulsive shivering, she would not hear of letting me take her in the house away from the ‘noman’!

we were a bit lacking in provisions for a proper snowman face and the kids wanted to know why daddy gave the snowman a cigarette (he’s just eating a candy cane!) but it turns out that 6pm is a perfect time for making a ‘Noman’.

img_5109just check out little sister’s face! she is so darn proud of that ‘noman’ that we have to go out and check on him several times a day!


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cute boys and good friends

i got to have 3 of my friends and their families over on sunday while Lindsey was passing through.  we just had some lunch and hung out but it was fun to see all of you!  i can’t believe i didn’t get a picture of all of us but i did get one of the 2 cute babies!

Carter, on the left, is Lindsey and Seth’s new little guy and Zac is Melissa and Chris’ youngest.  Aren’t they adorable!


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i took a bit of a blogging vacation the last week or so and really, it was nice.  nothing grandiose to share with you and really that’s what makes it so nice. i’ve just been kickin it with the family and trying not to loose my mind while the kids are out of school.  as i have nothing huge to share i’ll just give you a little photo diary or sorts.

little sister has discovered snow and wow, she really loves it!  every time we open the door she tries to sneak out and she could care less if she has a coat or gloves or shoes for that matter.

img_5022here she is with her daddy catching some snowflakes after she ran halfway down the sidewalk because she did not want to get in the car!

here we are on the 22nd when it really started to snow. i have really enjoyed living way up on the hill in a snow storm, it is so beautiful to just sit next to the fire and watch it snow outside.


by the 23rd the mister wimped out on shoveling and went in search of a snow blower.  word to the wise-don’t wait till Dec 23rd to purchase a snow blower, you’ll be lucky to get one. we were lucky.  and he is a happy man.  i even used the thing myself after 3 attempts to get into my driveway landed me halfway on the front lawn.  big sister thought this was smashing good fun and big brother was trying to pretend he was not crying of fear. pretty fun times if you ask me.


Christmas morning arrived, but only after the mister and i about killed ourselves getting that trampoline up the stairs from it’s hiding place!  i sort of wish i had it on video, there may have been some grunting and flatulence involved but that’s all i’m sayin.img_5034 big brother wanted this skateboard so bad he could hardly stand it and big sister was all to happy to get it for him.img_5037

big sister got a doll house but i think this giant puppy was her favorite. (and so far the dollhouse is still free!?!)


my parents, Teri and Matt came up that morning and brought a ridiculous amount of gifts with them. I gave them all the rule of ONE gift to each child which they are completely ignored! grrrrr! thank you for spoiling my children (and us) but now i’m going to send them to your house to deal with! :)

Teri got the kids all cute hats. i’ve actually claimed big sisters as my own and she thinks that it’s so cool we can share ‘clothes’ now!


Granny and Bompa had the hit gift for little sister. she adores this shopping cart and if your missing something you’ll probably find that she has shop-lifted it into her cart and taken it for a drive around the house.


here she is riding big brothers skateboard across the kitchen floor and trying out her babies binky.

img_5084Teri pulled off a miracle by getting little sister to put on her boots and actually walk in them. i have been trying this for weeks and she would just sit down and refuse to move.  i’m so glad she did because i got the girls some really cute brown leather boots and now she refuses to where anything but those.  here they are playing in the christmas blizzard.

img_5086granny found this awesome tea set for big sister.  she has wanted one for a few years now but i had something very specific in mind and this was it!  it’s just like grown up china complete with spoons and napkins.  we had to sit down that afternoon and have a girls tea party with hot chocolate.


wow this is getting way longer than i intended! sorry for the picture overload!  we had a great christmas and hope you all did to!

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we had our annual family party with my moms family this weekend and it really was so much fun!  my cousins own the canturbury reception hall which is so nice to have parties at.  i thought i’d share a few games we played. i had never heard of either but they we a lot of fun.


each team had 5 people and each team had the same letters on front and back of them.  it was a race to see who could spell the given 4 letter word the fastest.  this was complete chaos and so much fun!  thanks Steph for bringing this game!


Bethani brought our second game and it too was hilarious!  3 teams had 1 role of white, green and red crepe paper, tape and 15 minutes to create the best Santa.

The kids couldn’t get enough of Great Grandpa’s costume.


we had plumber santa whose pants would not stay up, hooker santa complete with belly, halter top and dollar bills and of course classic santa whose skinny little legs were a crack up!

img_5014the winner was great grandpa but hooker santa had some really good dance moves!


the kids got to find presents hidden all over the building and then play a game to open them with ‘gran-barbie’ as her grandkids call her.  we also had a christmas sing along which i always love.


little sister had about all she could take and was all to happy to hang out with grandpa and watch all the craziness that is our family.  do you see that spoon in my dad’s pocket?  he is saving it to use later, he also rinses paper towels and lays them out to dry so he can use them later.  it cracks me up, but it is just so him. he was ‘green’ before ‘green’ was cool!  Love you dad!

Hope the rest of you are having a great holiday season!

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big sister had her kindergarten Christmas program this week. nothing like wiggly, singing 5 year olds to get you in the spirit!

the principal made me laugh while all the kids were lining up on stage-‘have you ever tried to put 150 grasshoppers in a box without a lid? that is what it’s like to line up 5 year olds!’ he was soo right.

Jen was very happy that Granny and Teri came to see her.


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loved this

saw this on mels blog. loved it. had to share it.

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we’ve been working on a few things around here. the day after i got all my sewing stuff out and half organized i sat down itching to make something and here is what i ended up with.  nothing special but i really love the material.Pin Cushion

i’ve also been on the mister’s case about buying some couches.  melissa was all too happy to throw give me her old ones that they were looking to get rid of and we totally appreciated it. BUT….after 8 years of marriage and 2 sets of hand me down couches i pled my case for a few days and today we bought new couches! yeah!!!  only thing is we have to widen the door at the bottom of our stairs so we can actually get them into the basement.img_4953out basement right now looks like a bachelor pad, you know, huge man tv(not that i’m complaining about that), futon, random love seat and a black leather recliner, a couple of game systems, 4 bazzillion dvds and a rubbermaid box as a end table.  it will hopefully soon look like a fun family room with grown up furniture.  plus i get new furniture upstairs too!  i’m really more excited than i realized! YaH HOo!  you can view the them if you’d like, upstairs is here and downstairs is here.

here is my other current project. i bought all this material a few months ago with the intention of making some pj pants for the kids at christmas.  then last week i realized i had not started them and i’ve also never made pj pants. i do quilts, not clothes.  Nat has perfected pj pants and so with a little guidance and 3 hours of cursing at my machine (i finally figured out my bobbin was in backwards) i’ve got 3 down and 8 to go.  not sure what i was thinking when i bought all that material!

pj material

***side note-when you have not used your own sewing machine in 2+ years it is smart to just skim through the manual real quick before using it. that way you don’t have a whole spool of waisted thread that you have sewn, unpicked and re-sewn on the same straight stich for 3 hours and your children will not learn words which they ought not know. i’m just sayin.***

oh yes, the furniture place just happened to be next door to one of my favorite places, hobby lobby, so of course we HAD to go in.  there was cute fabric and a few stocking stuffers for the kids and even the hubby found himself a gianormous model of some star wars ship that he seriously asked if he could hang from the ceiling in our bedroom. seriously, $150 and he was in no way kidding. *insert large sigh here and invision me letting him down easy like i would my 7 year old* but then i spied this.

img_4956do you see that lovely fork on my wall? i think it’s wonderful, a little loney though. i’m thinking about going back for the knife and spoon. and it was only $7.  yup, take that pottery barn and your $50 fork!

the mister looked at the fork and then me and said ‘why do we have a giant fork in our cart?’  i of course just rolled my eyes. to which he begins to laugh and says ‘are you going to be like rays mom.’  Huh?  ‘you know, everybody loves raymond, when his mom has had that fork on the wall for like 30 years and she takes it off and there is perfectly clean wallpaper in the shape of a fork on the wall.’  he is laughing with his hilarious self all the while.  I gotta give it to him, that was a funny episode. but i assured him i’d get sick of it in a few years time and replace it with something new.  now it was his turn for the eye roll, and it was a big one.


we topped our celebration of having daddy home for 2 whole days with some sugar cookie makin.  no great shapes here, just too many sprinkles courtesy of these 3 sugar-a-holics.


do you want the best recipe for sugar cookies? they are so fast and easy!  ok, here it is…

1 cube of butter, softened

1 egg



we are so gourmet at our house!  seriously though i have tried 400 different sugar cookie recipes that everyone swears are so wonderful and soft and easy and not one of them was.  so while all other cookies are homemade at our house, Mrs. Betty Crocker and i get together on the sugar cookie days. which is about once a year!

now if you’ll excuse me i have a blanket, recliner, tv and dvr calling my name.


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