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you gotta admit everyone wants to  use that title. am i right?



ok, so today was not one of my best days.  i could get into it but really, i’ll spare you the details.  instead i thought i’d share a few things that made me feel so much better.  and as i sit here thinking of these things that made me feel better, i’m realizing they are not your typical feel good kind of moments. really they are more fuel your fire kind of things and i suppose said to someone else they could make you cry even harder.  but that’s not really the point….


i woke up today in a far from fabulous mood, in fact i went to bed the night before that way.  i was determined to either do nothing but milk my sorrows all day long or to get out and act like they didn’t exist. two rather healthy options if i do say so myself.  like most mornings, i dialed my sister-in-laws number. maybe she would bail me out by taking my kids or feed me chocolate while letting me bitch vent.  so when i asked the question ‘whatcha doin ?’ i wasn’t really expecting the answer or rather tirade that i received.  

prepare yourself for a big run on sentence, it went a little something like this-


well first i got up earlier than i wanted to, to get my ungrateful kids off to school who were less than happy to get out of bed themselves. Now i have a big huge list of things i need to get done at home that will probably not get done because i have to go to this stupid visiting teaching luncheon that i’m not ready for and then i have a bunch of errands to run that i don’t have money for that will use up the gas i don’t have in my car.   (insert big breath here)  then i was thinking i would come home to my kids who will not listen to anything i say and cook dinner f

or my husband who will be less than appreciative and then i’ll do the dishes while they all watch tv and don’t notice that i could use some help or maybe a thank you!…….(i’m sure there are things i’ve left out.)  What you doin?


I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!  Seriously, there are some days that i could just kiss that girl.

this is when i said something like, ‘sooo, you don’t want to take my ungrateful kids?’  i’ll leave her response to your imagination. :)

so i went with option B, only with the kids and we drove and hour to my sister’s house.  she just moved and she was having my Mom and Aunt Barb over to help her decorate. great diversion.

while sitting on her couch being no help what so ever, i picked up my trusty iphone which is always great for mind numbing and time wasting games and internet searching and facebook…voyeurism or whatever it is you do on facebook and  i updated my facebook status to read ‘Kelli is down right pissy.’

aren’t i just a bundle of sunshine? i know, if your don’t really know me your totally rethinking wanting to. but really i’m not usually this, well, pissy.  but then again, maybe i am, because what do you know the next thing i see is a response from my friend Scott (who i haven’t seen since high school) who writes ‘Some things never change :)’

and i’ll tell you what, i laughed and laughed and laughed.  that and the fact that one of my closest friends, Melissa, has written ‘note to self, do not call Kelli today.’


i think what makes me so happy at the end of this fabulous day of mine is that i have friends who understand me.  they know that i’m not the kind of girl that would really appreciate a mushy pep talk.(most of the time)  they know how to make me laugh, they listen to me vent, and sometimes when i need it they tell me to quit being such a whiner and get over myself.  these are the people i want in my life. people that make me smile. people that love me and understand me even when i’m less than lovable.  people that are real.

note to self: get over it! :)

hope y’all have a great tuesday!

and by the way, Mom, Teri, Barb and Nat thanks for putting up with me today!


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a close call

a conversation between siblings, overhead from the other room.

Jena-this would be much easier without a little sister.
Ryan-(completely shocked!) Ahhh! You don’t want a little sister?!
Jena-(Hesitantly) Well I do…. But…
Ryan-She just gets in the way sometimes?
Jena-Yeah. But she’s so cute I just want to squeeze her.
Ryan-Whoa, Jena that was soo close! I just saved you from going straight to hell like Brittany Spears!

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it’s that time of day, 2-4 pm that i just don’t function well. sleepiness hits me and it hits me hard. i remember mom picking us up from school after a long day of whatever it was that she did all day (those are the exact thoughts of a 14 year old) and she would pull into the garage, we would all get out and go in and she would sit in the car and take a nap.

i totally get it now.  hiding from the children and having a nap in the nice warm car.  i totally get it now.

so now that i’m trying to stay awake i had to change what i was doing, so blogging it is.  and actually it’s not really working that well. :)

i started working on another quilt i’d like to sell and found i couldn’t quite remember how i made it.  i just winged the design and ended up really liking it.  so i shifted gears and sat down and wrote a pattern for it.  i have discovered something i suppose i already knew, i can do a lot of things but if i have to explain it to someone else it seems like i have no idea what i’m talking about!

example- iron…some of that white stuff that is sticky on both sides and then cut out your stars. next pull off the paper and iron it on the quilt.  then stitch it with some….really heavy thread around each star.

so this has been a good experience for me. it has forced me to actually figure out the correct name for things and learn how to figure out yardages basically use my brain a little more.

example- lay your fabric with the right side down and iron Pellon’s Wonder Under Fusible Web on the back.  Next cut out your star shape using the template provided. Now remove the paper backing from the Fusible Web and iron your stars onto each solid square of your quilt, making sure to center and place each star the same direction.  Now using a Top Stitching Thread in a coordinating color stitch 1/4″ in from the edge all the way around each star.

hey, not bad huh?


pattern cover

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i found it!

while helping my sister install all of her photo’s on her new mac i came across something that made me VErY happy.


pictures of my first appliqued quilt!  I made it for my cousin Andrea in 2005. (well cousin-in-law if you want to get technical)  she asked me to make it for her first baby Peyton. on a side note, Peyton is about 4 years younger than Ry and i LoVE seeing him because he reminds me so much of Ry.  he is all boy and adorable, along with her other son Easton who is equally as cute.  blah, blah, blah…just thought i’d share.


oh yes, i also HaND quilted this!  then i hand quilted Ry’s twin size quilt. CRaZy!  i might hand quilt a baby quilt again but probably never anything bigger.  i’m pretty sure that is the cause of my on again off again finger joint PaiN! :)  that and hand cutting stencils for hours on end when Nat and i started Simple Star Designs (back then it was Primitive Starr).  God bless the vinyl cutter that also cuts stencils and learning how to machine quilt!

fyi-those are sun shadows on the fabric, not bleach marks.

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it’s becoming a problem.

she requests certain colors.


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where does the time go?


i can’t believe how big this guy is.

he is in senior primary this year.

nothing is cooler, just so you know.

he can’t wait to get baptised and start boys scouts.

i never thought i’d feel this way, but I’M NOT READY!

does everyone worry like this with their oldest child?

i just want him to stay that chubby little boy running all over the house with buzz and woody in tow, covered in dirt and boogies running down his face!


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5 going on 14

img_5186notice anything new?

she finally got up the nerve to pierce her ears.

she was so brave and she loves them!

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