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Right now I’m Sabotaging myself.

Yep, you read that right.

Anyone out there an emotional eater?

It’s been a day. Actually it’s been a week.

I’ll spare you the details. They’re not all that interesting anyway.

Here it is.

cics7cMy poison.

If your having a day of your own I highly recommend it.


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Farm House Sofa Table

I forgot to post about the sofa table The Mister and I made a few weeks ago.  It is a farm house style that I really love. I debated whether to distress it or not and ended up not.  That may change however, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It was a good practice project for us since the kitchen island we want to build will be a similar style with the apron on the outside of the legs. It was pretty simple to make but it was sort of bugger to keep square. I am happy to say it is perfectly square and does not wobble a bit!

img_5356I didn’t notice until later that my camera was on some crazy color accent setting. Kinda cool actually.


img_5339 This is one of my favorite things about carpentry.

These are from drilling in the hardwood.

Aren’t they pretty?

img_5361 Here is why it was created.  We needed someplace to put the dvd and cable box since the tv is front and center on the wall.  Please ignore those cords, they will soon be inside the wall, threaded down and come out about at the floor behind the table.  It actually ended up making my new art look much better and not so lonely on that wall.

This room is actually driving my crazy and here is why.

img_53631a. The fore mentioned draping cords across the wall.

b. This empty right corner.  It will soon be the home to my mother-in-laws piano so that my kiddos can start learning. how soon is the issue however.  The entire room is off balance and I can’t decorate that side until it gets here.

c.  We have 2 very large windows on the right side that you can not see and they are so empty. They need drapes. Bad.  It will be a while before I will have those however.

d. The mantle. Wait, I actually LOVE my mantle. I still can’t believe we made that.

Red Star

So there you have it, the latest project.

Up next, Jena Mae’s birthday party.

I’m so not ready.

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As I am boiling eggs for lunch today, (which reminds me I need to share my new found knowledge of egg boiling) Sara is at my feet and under my feet and on my feet and you get the picture.  As she always does she is pulling the hand towel off of the oven door and ‘cleaning’ everything with it.

As I  glance at the stove I realize there are 2 small flames coming from the unit. Why? Oh because Sara threw the towel up next to the unit! I grab the towel, threw it in the sink and turned the water on.

img_0720As you can see the damage was minimal but still, flames make your heart skip a beat…or 5.

Once I had assured myself that there were no more small stove fires happening I called out for Sara.  This is when she pushes open the pantry door that she has been hiding in (which she always does) and I says ‘Lunch Mom!’

She is eating all the ends of the pea pods that Jena bit off and dumped in the garbage yesterday.

{insert very large sigh here}

I cleaned her off and told her that was yucky and naughty and we don’t play in the garbage can.  As I finished making egg salad sandwiches she stood wrapped around my leg repeating, ‘yucky, naughty.’

I sat her down at the table with a sandwich, went back to making mine and returned to the table to find her cleaning the table and chairs with egg salad.

For Crying Out Loud!  (I might have yelled that)

This is when my sweet little baby started telling me, “Sawee (sorry) mommy. Sara naughty. Sara go night, night. Sara ti-ad (tired).”

I’ll tell you what, that little girl has me hooked! I can not get mad at her.  She is just too cute and smart and knows all the right buttons to push on me in order to get away with everything.

And now she is sleeping peacefully as I go to clean up the mess!

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looks what’s on my feet today.

it’s gonna be a good day!

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We also celebrated Barry’s Birthday on Sunday.  I love when he has birthday’s because then he is only 1 year younger than me instead of 2. Or so it seems.

Enjoy the last year of your 20’s! he he.

We Love You!


(Sara was all about the cake and singing this time.)

Did I Mention that March and April are crazy filled birthday months for us?  By the second week of April I don’t want to see a birthday cake or sing again for months!

2 down about 10 to go!

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Mine Two!

I can hardly believe that Sara is two! Seriously where does the time go?

So here are a few photo’s from her birthday party.  I invited the whole family and honestly didn’t realize how many people that was!  We had a full house.

To start, here is what I was working on.  I see these all the time and finally had a reason to make one.  I used up all my fabric scraps though.  Too bad, I’ll just have to go buy some more fabric! img_53011

Here it is far away, along with Papa (Sara’s number 1 favorite), Granny and Daddy. Don’t you love when people take your picture and you don’t know it and then they put it on the internet? I super love that.

And in case you were wondering, Sara’s favorite goes something like this- Papa, Aunt Teri, Aunt Natalie, Baby Cousin Katie and occasionally Mom and Dad get thrown in the mix!


Moving on…

Remember favorite person #4? Sara was so happy when Baby Katie arrived that she had to just climb right up on the table to hug her.


So Cute.

As Katie searches for help from her mom and dad!


I have to just tell you that I got a lot of flack about the cake. I have always made a character cake for my kids birthdays from about 1 to 5 years old.  Well, Sara does not like cake all that much so I decided to make a cheesecake instead. Total last minute decision that I have yet to hear the end of.

My bad.

It’s sort of like how my other 2 kids have monthly pictures until they are practically 2 and Sara has ummm… 2 total.

I just want to insert here that I have a bazillion snap shots of her and that I have probably enjoyed her ‘baby-hood’ (that’s not a word, I know) more than the first 2 kiddos. Not to say I didn’t love them just as much but my working full time during those years made it a lot more stressful.

Back to the point….sheesh I’m chatting tonight…

The cake, yes.  Sara was running all around the house as people arrived and was overjoyed with all the attention she was getting but clueless as to why anyone was here.  I sat her at the table and asked her if she wanted us to sing Happy Birthday to her.  This is when everyone started to gather round the table, and by everyone I mean about 23 people, and it got pretty quiet.  She looked at me, shook her head and whimpered No.

This is the face we got for the entire song and candle blowing ceremony.


I thought she might burst into tears, but she made it through!  Teri felt so bad for her she had to rush right in and make sure she was ok.

After a little Teri love and Brownie Caramel Cheesecake (mmmmm-you gotta make this, it’s totally calorie free!) she was all smiles again. She then opened presents, Thank You Everyone, but the hit of the party was the bubbles from Granny, Aunt Michelle and Grandma.


She also spent the following day telling me, ‘Mine Two’ and trying to show me her 2 fingers. (We’re gonna have to work on that)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I love you!


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Do you guys enter very many contests? You know the ones on everyone’s blog where you can win the greatest stuff.  Honestly I don’t because…well I guess I’m sort of pessimistic about winning.


I had to enter this one!dsc_0049_3

If you quilt at all and you don’t know who Camille Roskelly of Thimble Blossoms is than you are missing out my friend!  Not only does she create the most gorgeous quilts that I drool over, I also want every piece of decor in her house! Seriously.  We now have the same piece of Art, I love her paint colors, her red polka dot chair is to die for and I’m dieing for those cute wooden ducks from Target that of course, she has!

Basically I want to be her, while still being me.



Now if you are obsessed with fabric like me than go on over to her blog and enter her contest.

Or don’t.

Then I have a better chance of winning!

He He ;)

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