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Pretty in Pink

I finished this quilt last week and just got it sent off to it’s new home in Kansas.

Hope they like it as much as I do.


I really love these fabrics.

Especially this Argyle.


Baby quilt for the new little girl we can’t wait to arrive!


Baby Doll Quilt for the New ‘Big Sister’.


This little Coin Quilt looks crooked but it’s just because it was folded.

Really. :)


My free motion quilting definitely got better on this quilt.


Yep, I’m gonna have to go get some more of this fabric.

Love it.


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Yard Work.




It’s starting to remind me of laundry.

This is so random but you know what I love about spring and summer?


I’m a total sucker for Grilled Hot Dogs! Mmmmmm!

Our menu for the next 6 months will consist of Grilled Hamburgers, Grilled Hot Dogs, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Steak and Taco’s.  Seriously that is what we live off of in the summer.  Don’t worry we do eat veggie and fruit trays with all that meat.  It’s all about the grill and SIMPLE!

While I’m doing random…

Notice anything odd about the back of my house?


Like that light and door bell floating out there in the middle of the house.  Nice huh?  The former owners removed the double doors and put in the single door.  Apparently the light and doorbell where not a priority to them.  The kids think it’s fun to try and jump up and hit the doorbell.

And back to yard work I go!

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It’s Sad. But True.

Her world would fall apart without her PINK Binky and PURPLE Blanky.


Mine, without those EYES.

She has us ALL right where she wants us.

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Coupon Sharing

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Bath and Body Works…well maybe my husband because I always spend money there. Anyway I came across this coupon today and thought I’d share.  If your like me you stock up on their stuff a couple times a year and this coupon will come in really handy.

You can print this one or go here and print it.


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That is how I feel since the sun has decided to pay us a visit.  The Halleluiah Chorus just keeps blarring in my mind every time I walk into the glorious rays!

Here is what we did this weekend-

img_5588 You know those jobs that start out little in your mind and become bigger and bigger as the day goes on?  This was one of those. The plan was to pull out 2 rose bushes.  It ended up being 2 rose bushes, 4 fitzer bushes (which are straight from the devil!), about 10 not so little rocks, old ivy  that had grown into the foundation (so fun) and 3 ‘unknown’ bushes.  And we still have 2 more bushes and a huge wall of vines to tackle.

Oh the joys of home ownership!

img_5590On the last Fitzer Bush, Barry and Matt figured out a much more efficient method.  Oh well, they are out which means less spiders and garbage and whatever else was living in those nasty things!

img_5598Now we have to fix these 4 foot sprinklers and plant some decent looking plants that do not have thorns or breed black widows.

Which reminds me, I stayed up till 3 am last night organizing my basement.  As I was sitting on the floor going through some papers I saw a very fast movement across the floor and under my papers.  Yes, I jumped 8 feet in the air and ran to the other side of the room.  I was expecting a spider but when I go a little closer and moved the papers with a 4 foot light saber toy, your crazy if you think I was putting my hands down there, I discovered it was some type of mutant centipede looking bug that was about 2 inches long with little anteni that were about an inch long!  I kid you not! I smashed it with the end of the light saber and it stuck out both sides!  I’m getting the Heeby Geeby’s just thinking about it! Blaaaaahhhh!


Anyway, Barry hauled most of the bushes away this afternoon but not until after he had dropped one of those filthy Fitzer’s on my head! Really I was helping him lift one in the truck and he dropped it on my head!  It had nothing to do with the fact that Matt’s truck is like 10 feet tall and I am totally weak and wasn’t really helping at all. Really.

img_5600Jena got to go with Dad to take it all to the dump and she thought she was pretty cool.  Picture a dog hanging out the back window of a truck just so happy to be there, tongue hanging out, stupid smile on it’s face.  Yep, that was Jena, but cuter.  With singing. And dancing. Yeah, I’m sure there was dancing going on at the green waste dump site. :)

Speaking of Jena, she got to use her little sewing machine that Granny got her for her birthday for the first time this weekend.


She did really well for the first time, it just took her a while to get the concept of ‘if you want the machine to stop, YOU have to stop pushing the peddle’.  Every time she realized it wasn’t stopping because of her she would start to giggle so hard it took her 5 minutes to be able to start sewing again. She started out making a ‘boy doll blanket’ and then it turned into a pillow (because my kids love to get the poly fill out and stuff anything) for her little cousin Matt who just turned one.  We will have to send it off to him soon.  She has big plans to make pillows for everyone she knows!


I’m working on binding this quilt and I have to say I’m impressed with how much better I am at binding lately. I used to loathe it but I started using Camille’s technique and it is so much easier! I was making things way too difficult for myself.  Hopefully I’ll be able to ship this off to it’s new home later this week.


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I told a few of you I would post more info about my adventures in couponing, so here it is.

I’ve started using coupons and following some blogs that have allowed me to get a lot of free or practically free stuff.  I have over a years supply of diapers and wipes for less than $40, I haven’t paid for soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razors and pretty much all toiletries for about 6 months and I have cut our grocery’s from about $600 a month to around $250-300.  Plus I’ve been able to get my food storage up to at least a 3 month supply.

I gotta tell ya how great it feels to be able to do this!  Honestly I’m hardly an expert and a lot of the tricks and tips I don’t even understand yet, like Walgreens and RiteAid, they are complicated.

I follow a couple of blogs that I thought I would share.  I have found that the deals they list are generally not right on for where I live but they are usually close. For example they will say you can use a certain coupon and the item is free.  But the cost of living seems to be higher here because I usually find things priced $0.10-0.50 more than what they list.  I have yet to find any local blogs for Utah except for Grocery Smarts but that is a little bit of a different program.

Here are the blogs-

Grocery Smarts the password for Utah is g84ckr

Pinching Your Pennies I think this site is a little overwhelming and I haven’t quite figured it out.

My Frugal Adventures She gives great tips on learning to start couponing.

Attention Target Shoppers

Organic Grocery Deals Don’t let the name fool you-I mainly use their Target Coupon Generator.

Deal Seeking Mom

Be Centsable Great list of tons of other sites.

Coupons.com This is a great site to get coupons if you don’t get the Sunday paper but I didn’t really understand how to best use them until I started following these other blogs and learning how to maximize the coupons with sales and other coupons.

Ok, that is all I have on that for now but I before I go I have to share a website with you that my cousin Heidi told me about. I have never heard of this before but I’m not very hip so maybe it’s old news.

Eyes Lips Face or e.l.f.


Most of their makeup is $1.00.  They have a basic line, a mineral line which is about $3-4 and a pro line that is $5-8.  I’m really picky about my foundations, powders and mascara but I’m all about $1 lip gloss, eye shadow, nail polish and more.

Shipping is 6.95 unless you order $75+ then it’s free. Wow, that’s a lot of makeup!

You can also get half off your order up to $15 right now by using the code CAROLINA.  So the most you will save is $7.50 but hey it pays for your shipping, right?

And if you put in the code EGKABUKP you will get a free powder brush.

I have ordered a bunch of things so I’ll let you know what I think when it gets here.  If anyone else has used this brand I would love to know what you think of it.



oops, i forgot one thing.

If you order over $20.00 they will offer you a free subscription to Women’s Health Magazine.  Next to that offer is a link for more info.  If you click that link it will give you the option of the Magazine or a Rebate of $9.99 that you must send in within 30 days.

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Have I ever mentioned what a drama queen my middle child is?

Oh My.

The girl can turn it on.

Tonight we sort of ate in shifts.  It was Chili and Breadsticks and the kids had friends over so I just decided to let them eat when they wanted.  For 2 hours I tried to get Miss Jena to eat and she refused.

At 7 pm I told her it was her last chance to eat.  She needed to eat and then go shower. If she chose not to eat then she would shower and go to bed with no dinner.  She apparently thought I was kidding.  That or she was sure she could turn on the tears with lots of ‘Sorry’s’ and she would get her way.

That girl thinks saying Sorry in the most sarcastic voice she can muster will solve anything.

After she was showered and dressed and her hair had been dryed I began to put all the kids to bed.  This is when she declared that she was in fact Starving and Must eat!  She tried saying Sorry and crying Sorry and screaming Sorry but I wasn’t budging.  She then threw herself on her bed with more power than she planned on and ended up going straight over the bed, into the wall and onto the floor.

I laughed. I did.

And I thought she couldn’t scream and cry any louder. Ha! She showed me!

After several attempts to calm her down I left her on her bed, turned out the light and began to walk away.  This is when she declared in her most threatening voice that she was ‘going to call the FBNI because I was the meanest Mom in the world! No, the meanest Mom in America!’ (said very slow and threatening)

I handed her my phone and walked out.

About 10 minutes later Little Sister was calling me from her crib.  I went to see what she needed and when I opened the door she put her finger to her lips and ssshhhh’d me and then pointed to Big Sister and said ‘Sissy naughty, Sissy go Sleepy.’  Then she kissed me and laid down. (Have I mentioned how tight that one has me wrapped around her finger?)

Big Sister was sound to sleep with the phone held to her ear. When I took it from her and looked at it she had dialed 911 but never pressed send!


I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t worried about the years to come.

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