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Remember when I used to blog every day? Sometimes twice a day?

Yah, me too.

That was back when I had only 2 children, then 3 but Sara slept a lot.

Now? Now if I even set foot near the computer my 3rd child does the first naughty thing she can think of and the second and third and on and on.  The terrible two’s are in full force at our house.  I actually perfer to call it the Jekyl and Hyde phase because one minute she is a cute and sweet as can be and the next I’m wondering who is this screaming, hitting, rolling all over the kitchen floor child?  Good times!

As far as what we’ve been up to, honestly, not much.  This has been one of our more low key, hang out at home summers.  Add to that the back pain I’ve been having the past few weeks and I have accomplished exactly nothing in weeks.  I’ve never been so lucky to have any kind of extended back pain until now.  I discovered our mattress kept slipping from our bedframe and thought that might be the cause of my problems.

So hoping to fix the situation, we went from this-


To this-


Little sister thinks it’s pretty awesome that she can now climb into bed with mom and dad so easily.  Plus she now has an indoor trampoline!  Is it any wonder my back hurts? :)

I’m sad to say, this did not solve the problem.  It has progressively gotten worse.  I’ve been to the Chiropractor and left feeling like he wasn’t going to help me.  Just one of those hunches.  I actually don’t have much muscle pain, it seems to be my ribs across my back.  Breathing deeply is very painful.  I’m off to see a Doctor, that was recommended by a friend with a lot of back problems, this afternoon and I have high hopes.

And for those of you who haven’t heard, which means you must not be in my family because if Grandpa knows therefore Everyone knows,  we are going to have another baby in our family.


Yep, you read that right, Feb 1st is the date.  I’ve been saying for 2 years that I was 99% sure I was done. And I have always said I would not have baby’s after 30.  Having Sara at 28 was a totally different experience than Ryan at 22 and Jena at 24.  Now I will be 31 when this one is born!  Ugh!  Having baby number 4 has been an experience in Faith for me.  Not an accident but definitely a surprise.  Both Barry and I feel it will be a Boy and I haven’t been wrong with one of my kids yet.

Ryan is very excited, although if it’s a girl I think he might cry. But then again, so will his mother. :)  Jena is excited one day and the next asking me “why do we have to have another baby?”  Sort of funny.  Sara, well Sara is too busy being 2 to know anything is different.

Someone suggested to me that perhaps the back pain is pregnancy related  and to them I say…That is Not Funny.  See the Lord and I have a little understanding, I will have babies if I do not have morning sickness, bed rest, extended pain or complications.

Why?  Because I’m a whimp.

Whimp with a capitol W.

I do pain killers, I do epidurals, I do NOT throw up, I cry for my mom when I’m sick.

Yes, still.

I make her come take care of me when I’m sick.

And she does.

Because she’s awesome like that.

And because I’m a WHIMP!


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Big Girl Hair

I have been trying to grow Sara’s bangs out for…forever and the rest of her hair was looking pretty shaggy and long. So I started asking her if she wanted to get her hair cut.  She talked about having a Big Girl Haircut for 2 days so we finally went and had it chopped.


She was so brave, I thought for sure she would get nervous and have to have me hold her.


She sat there the whole time doing just what the girl asked her but there was no way she was going to crack a smile.  It was all business.


This is after we blew it all out.  It has so much more body now, the poor girl has my hair…which isn’t much.




Jena can’t stand it if I’m taking pictures and she’s not in them.

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If you ever wanted to know, because I know you all do, this is pretty much what we do all summer long.

Softball, Swimming, BBQ…repeat.

IMG_5717I was worried Sara wouldn’t go by herself.

IMG_5719Yea, right! No Fear.

IMG_5734 Which is why the life jacket stayed on the whole day!

IMG_5725 Mmmm, cheeto break.

IMG_5740Syd and Jena

I love that Jena wants her life jacket on 95% of the time.

IMG_5745 Ry, Sara and Chris

If you take away the fact that our local pool is horrendously overcrowded and the fact that half the women there fail to realize their bikini’s don’t actually cover their fake boobs and the fact that there are no men there to show them too anyway (over 10 anyway) or the fact that they just simply should not be in a bikini….Ever, we had a great time! :)

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We introduced Sara to jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath and now she thinks that is the only way to jump.


Looking at these pictures I can’t believe how big Sara is.  She is clearly not my baby anymore.  Lately she has been telling me her legs and knees hurt and I’m sure it’s because she’s growing.  I can’t keep enough food in her to keep her satisfied.  I am literally feeding her ever 1 1/2 hours because she is starving.  It is amazing how fast their little body’s grow in a matter of weeks.

We also went downtown for Air Force Week to see the Jets and Color Gaurd and the Fighter Pilot Movie at the IMAX.  If you ever have a chance to go see that movie you should, it was awesome!  It was so realistic I got a little ‘Air Sick’ just sitting in my seat.


Granny and the kiddo’s.


Ryan trying to climb in Soccer Cleats. {eye roll} IMG_5711 I keep trying to put more pictures of myself on here but I just hate it.

I mean I know I have huge calves but do I need the whole world to know?


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I would like to say that we made it to Colorado without incident but thanks to one very special Colorado State Trooper we did not.  He ticketed me for going 88 in a 75.  Now is it just me or is that just rediculous?  And no he did not lower it like a nice cop would.  $162 Fine. Yes, you read that right. I about had a coranary when I read that fine.  Apparently Colorado is taking care of it’s state deficet by sticking it to you with speeding tickets.

Ok, I’m done now.

Next up we arrived at at the home of Natalie’s friends where we were staying and I  fell down the stairs. mmm hmmm. So like me.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t done there.  I left the lights on and we had a dead battery too.

I don’t know what else to say…Natalie drove 90% of the rest of the trip and I walked down stairs very slowly.

We spent most of the trip visiting with old friends of Nat’s since this is where she grew up.  Honestly we didn’t plan much on purpose and we slept a lot, ate good food, went to a few movies (because we didn’t have to get a babysitter! I know, we are crazy like that.)  Nat fell in love with a piece of cheesecake, no I’m pretty sure she had a full fledged relationship with that piece of cheesecake!  We hung out in Boulder which is apparently one of the most progressive city’s in the country.  Not much for 2 little Mormon girls to participate in there. :)

And of course we ran the race.  Here we are before the race started.  We took the bus into Boulder and got there about 2.5 seconds before we were suppose to race.  We started one wave late because one can not run 6.2 miles on a full bladder. I’m just sayin.


And could y’all remind me not to where my hair back? As it makes my fat face a little more prominent than I’d like. Thanks Ever So Much.

Here is proof that I actually ran and finished.

Picture 6

1 Hour 26 minutes and 16.17 seconds.

I ended up going slower than I wanted because my hip started hurting and I didn’t want it to get as bad as it has in the past but I really just intended on finishing so I’m completely happy.  I believe Nat finished about 20 minutes before me.

We stayed and watched the professional runners and that was incredible! Team Ethiopia took first in both men and women and the men set a new world record. He was averaging a 4 minute mile! Holy Crap!  Team USA took 3rd in Mens and 2nd in Womens.  They also had a Memorial day program with Jet Fly overs and Parchuters and Veterans and I totally bawled through the whole thing.  Typical. But I also spent most of the time trying not to be pissed off at the fact that I could not see ONE other person besides me and Nat with their hand on their hearts.  It makes me Livid!  Cheering and Whistling and waving your flag don’t count. They just don’t.  I could go on and on about how angry this makes me but I think you get the point.

The minute the Jets flew over at the end the sky’s opened and it rained buckets! We were soaked! I had an umbrella and we were still dripping and my shoes were literally full of water.  It made getting home a little interesting.

Oh and do you know what I got for running the race?  Free Beer! Ha Ha! Is that really refreshing right after running? Or is it just about getting drunk? Because let me tell you, people were totally getting drunk.  Hello, I’d just like a water please. Um, yeah, Thanks.

Bottom line is we had a great time and I totally plan on going back to run it again next year.  Who’s with me?  Plus I’m going to dress up like Where’s Waldo while I run.  Anyone? Ah, come on, you know you want to!

(yes that is the only picture i have. Nat has a few more but i haven’t gotten them from her)

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The day before I left for Colorado both kids had their year end programs, and despite sounding like the bad mother, I don’t have much to say about them. I know, I know, what kind of mother does not expound on every detail of the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Programs! They sang, they wiggled, a few picked their noses (mine included), they got at treat and  there you have it.


I know, I know, what kind of mother does not expound on every detail of the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Programs! They sang, they wiggled, a few picked their noses (mine included), they got at treat and  there you have it. We even video taped the whole thing but I’m not mean enough to post that and bore you to tears. :)


If I was feeling ambitious I would have whitened my teeth and cleared my skin in photoshop but those to things are an entire other post.

I’m just happy Jena got The Mister’s skin and not mine!


Next up was Ryan and the 1st grade. I gotta say this program was a bit more entertaining.


He sat still through the whole thing. That one thing made my heart burst with joy because from the time he was born I didn’t think I’d live to see it!


On his way to get a cookie here. Much more important than mom’s pictures by the way.


This is where they spent a good 2 hours when we got home, going through their art books and year books.  I thought it was so cute until I heard Ryan say he was so glad no one wrote FU in his year book. WHAT! This is elementary school right?  But that was nothing to what I overheard him say to another boy in the park a few days later.  It involved the word Sex.  My 30 years have not adequately prepared me for this part of motherhood.

{insert very long sigh here}

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Blogged Out

I’ve been getting nagged about not updated my blog on a regular basis.  I don’t know why but I have nothing to say, weird I know.  I think it’s because I can’t do a post without pictures and I haven’t been taking many lately.

Actually it’s because I’ve been really super busy. What to see what I’ve been up to?

9patchtastic_2 moda8 mbs+203 Baby+Quilt+on+Rocker+good 2009+04+22_6146_edited-1+copy

I’ve made every single one of these quilts this month!

Ha Ha! I wish!  They are all from Moda Bake Shop and I have big plans to make them all eventually, does that count?

Ok, seriously, I’m gonna go back and update a few things we’ve had going on so stay tuned.

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