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Ok, here is the video just for fun-

(I meant to post these the other day but Comcast was not cooperating.)

We had a few collisions in the beginning.

Sara got much braver by the end, she just didn’t quite have the body weight.


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It’s been a busy week with Spencer and Allie here visiting but the kids have been on cloud 9 the whole time!

My brother Matt and his girlfriend Stacy came up with this crazy idea to make their own slip and slide for the kids.  I don’t think the kids will ever stop talking about it!  They had a blast!

They went up to a local Jr. High field with huge hills, found the box with a hose hook up, laid out a 8’x100′ piece of plastic, covered the plastic and themselves with liquid dish soap and fun began.

*tons of photos, this might take a few minutes to load*


Sara, Allie and Jena doing the train


I don’t think these two have stopped holding hands since Allie arrived. So Cute.


What happens when you try to stand  up.


Ry making it look ‘oh so easy’.


Love the tounge half out


Sara and Uncle Matt


She had so much fun!


Spencer the pro. He did knee jumps all the way down. Ouch!


Stacy was a little covered in grass.


I’m not sure who was more nervous to go down, Teri or Sara.

Actually I am sure, it was Teri. Whimp!


The bottom got a little muddy after a while.


Just Chillin’.


After applying dish soap the the slide Matt and Sara Flew down that thing!


Jena’s poor bum was a bit sore by the end.


Sara constantly tells Stacy how cute she is.


I think Sara’s pretty cute herself. :)


After we got home Grandpa was pushing Sara in the swing.


She was a little tired and fell asleep right there.

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Cheap Produce

I’ve mentioned my new love of coupons before and I thought I’d share my latest find for saving on the grocery bill.  My friend Melissa told me about this a few weeks back and I finally got around to checking it out. I’m sorry I waited so long!

The company if you can call it that is called Bountiful Baskets.  They are more of a non-profit/wholesale group/Food Co-op.  It was started in Arizona, has grown into Utah and seems to be growing by the week.

I’ve heard of community farming before where you buy a ‘share’ of a locale farm and each week you get a share of the crops, but that is a little different and is about $500 up front in the Spring.  This Co-op purchase produce of all kinds at a wholesale cost and then divide it all between all of the customers.  That’s not a very great explanation, so go here to read all about it.  They also  have bread, meat and a few other things available from week to week.

Every other week you log on and place your order of how many ‘baskets’ you would like and if you would like anything extra.  Last week they had bread in 5 loaf packs, tomatoes by the bushel and it looks like you can ad extra’s like the ‘Italian Basket’ has herbs, extra tomatoes, egg plant, cucumbers ect.  Each ‘basket’ ends up filling a large laundry basket with produce and each week it varies exactly what you will get. Also 1 Basket is $15 and the ‘Italian Pack’ was $7 or 8.

Here is what I got in my order of 1 Basket-


9 Banana’s

1 Cantalope

1 lb. Strawberries

1 Bag a grapes

4 Peaches

6 Gala Apples

1 Acorn Squash (the only thing I’m not sure how to cook)

The Biggest darn head of Cabbage I’ve ever seen

Bunch of Asparagas

Head of Califlower

Bunch of Celery

4 Tomato’s

All of it was in great shape, except the tomato’s which could have been a little riper but those ripen well in my kitchen window so I’m not complaining.

The other great thing about this is that there are tons of pick up locations, it looks like most of them are in Davis and Weber Counties.  Pick-ups are all on Saturday morning and vary a little bit on times.  I only had to drive about 6 blocks down the street to the park, fill up my laundry basket and I was good to go.

I’m totally sold! I would have spent well over $30 on all this produce by the prices at Albertson’s this past week and we will use every bit of it.  I just wish it was available weekly and not every other week!

If anyone is interested I totally recommend it and you can get all the info you need from their website.

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Our Cousins our coming tomorrow!

All the way from Kansas, where there is…nothing but our cousins.


My kids can hardly stand it.

They have been counting down the days for a month now. Probably more.


We are down to counting hours.


Mom, Are they on the plane yet?


Are they bringing baby Matt?

(who i secretly can’t wait to see. oh my heck is so cute! And I hear he is running! Running!)

No he is coming in 2 more weeks with his Mom and Dad.


Is baby Rachel coming?

No she is coming in 2 weeks too.

Can’t wait to see this new baby girl!


I might be a little excited myself.

Yah Hoo!!! Our Cousins are coming!!!

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Wow, its been a while.

I’ve sat down several times to do a little update but I had 2 problems.

1.  No pictures, my camera isn’t working and you can’t have a post without a picture. Well unless is really interesting or funny and I got nothin in those 2 categories.

2. I am Mrs. Negativity the last month or so. Really, I’m a blast to be around. Whine, complain, poor me, blah, blah, blah.

I had my little breakdown a few days ago and I’m feeling a little better.  I’m going to be positive. I’m going to look at all my blessings and be grateful.  My little pity party wasn’t helping anything so what’s the point anyway? Right? I’m a work in progress and now I’ve decided to actually progress.

Ok, moving on then…

I needed something to distract myself from myself so I started a little quilt/table topper/I don’t really know what it’s going to be yet.

Please excuse the  iPhone, as it is the only camera I have at the moment.


It sort of ended up being a little patriotic with the Reds, Blues and Tans/Whites. It’s funny how quilts come together, when all of the blocks were separate I wasn’t really loving it, but now that I have them together I think I like it.

I still have a lot of borders to add which should make it much cuter since I’m using this blue polka dot.  I love me some polka dots! Seriously, they are just one of those silly things that make me really happy.


Speaking of works in progress. My Mama is going to be so proud when she see’s this!  (She won’t see it for like 2 months cause that’s how often she reads blogs and she won’t comment cause that would be too hard to figure out. :) Love you Mom!)  Now take a look at this…


Can you believe it? I USED THE IRON!  My seems are all pressed and actually sew in the right direction!  See I told you I was a work in progress and something you taught me finally sunk in! Woo Hoo!  And can I just say that it is soo much easier to put a quilt top together when you iron it. Holy Crap, you have no idea.

When I made Jena’s Quilt about 2 years ago she would stand in her sewing room with me and iron all of my blocks.  It made her completely crazy that I wouldn’t iron them.  I owe that quilt looking so good to her. I can’t imagine what it would have looked like had she not ironed for me.

Now Mom, you can’t say that didn’t bring a little tear to your eye.  And guess what I’ve even been ironing Ry’s Church shirts too!  Wow, I’m really making more progress than I realized. 9 years of marriage and I am finally ironing my kids clothes.  Barry’s clothes, ehh, not so much. He can do it himself.

Ok, one more picture before I go because it totally cracks me up.


Check out Sara’s Gut!  That thing looks like it’s about to burst!  Which is funny because she is my skinniest baby and her belly never looks like this.  She must have just eaten or something.

She has become my little stripper this summer. She thinks she needs to take her clothes off and run through the hose all day long.  Yeah, we are totally white trash like that.  In the front yard too.  Somebodies gotta bring a little Ghetto to the neighborhood and wouldn’t you rather look at that cute butt than the 14 year olds boxer shorts?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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