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He Hates getting his haircut.

Hates it.

When he was about 2 I thought for sure he’d eventually out grow it.

I thought.


Meet Pete and Repeat.

Bet you can’t figure out which is which.

They think it’s great entertainment.


Oh, the torture!

Actually it really does look itchy.

I don’t feel bad.

It’s about the only thing I can think of that boys have to go through.

Sheesh! Try being a girl for a day!


Much happier to be doing it to someone else.

Especially when he can make him look like Bozo the Clown.


She takes the job much more seriously.

Don’t ask me about her hair however, it is a thorn in my side.

In fact it is complete chaos and if you look up synonyms of Chaos it says…

A Holy Mess

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


Would you look at that!

A Smile!

Because now he remembers that he doesn’t have to comb it and it won’t be so sweaty in his football helmet and because it looks ‘pretty cool’.


Aren’t those teeth the best!

They crack me up.

Then I remember my own pictures at this age and I shudder.

He’s gonna hate me for this picture in about 10 years.


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Just in case you were every wondering what is the best way to watch a movie on the iPhone while camping…


Very Comfortable.


Huh? Whacha lookin at?


Darn I love this kid!

We miss you Spencer!

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Do you see this face?

This is the face I get most days lately.

And it knows Everything!


Hey Ry, don’t jump so far your going to fall off that rock…

Whatever Mom.


And my heart is racing as he nearly falls.

Mom, I’m not going to slip!



oh, crap, my shoes are full of mud.

(And my head is screeeeeaaaaming I told you so!)


Look how awesome I am back out here on the rock!


Watch this! I’m So Cool!


Hey Mom, let me tell you all there is to know about this rock.

Because I’m 8 in two weeks which, if I haven’t told you already, means I know pretty much everything.


Man I love this kid!


But I really, really need him to go back to school!

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As a mother I have learned many things.

And some things I seem to forget and then re-learn.

Like water for instance.

You take your kids to the river and say to them “Now don’t get wet.”


That’s when mine strike a pose like this and say “Whatever.”

Hello Idiot! They are going to get wet!


Hey you guys, don’t get muddy.


Yeah, right.

Ok, you can stand in the water but don’t get your clothes wet!


Uh Huh, I’ll be sure to do that Mom.


Oooo, look a rock!


Hey! Let me see that rock!


Katie, Do Not Put that Rock in Your Mouth.

Katie, Don’t put it in your Mouth!


What? What did you say Mom?

Something about my mouth…mmmmm.


Sometimes you just have to give up and let them get muddy and wet and eat rocks.


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He loves it

Football that is.


Is that not cute or what?


I know your not supposed to call Football Cute.


But at this age it is.

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My Brother and his family have finally headed back home to Kansas. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them already, the chaos however I Do Not Miss!  They just need to live closer. hint, hint.

So we had Spencer and Allie for 2 weeks before the rest of the family came out and it was like a marathon sleepover which left me totally exhausted!  It left the kids completely exhausted too but they tried really hard not to show it!

The ‘Big’ Girls got to have ‘Girls Day’ with Teri.  Sara got to go this year because she thinks she’s 5.  I know they went swimming but I’m not sure what else.  I’m just glad Sara didn’t get sick like last time. Actually, I’m sure Teri is glad Sara didn’t get sick this time.


I just had to add this one of Sara at dinner. She Loves her corn!


The kids enjoyed the Bountiful Parade on the 24th. And they came home with ridiculous amounts of Candy.


Jena and Allie were right up front ready for any treat they could get their hands on.

DSCN3804The boys stood back by Grandpa and played it cool.   Grandpa, being a huge fan of parades, kept asking them ‘Is it over yet?’ Which they thought was very funny.

Notice their matching outfits?  Granny often buys the Grandkids the same thing since they live in different states it’s no big deal.  When the boys discovered they had the same clothes they suddenly turned into 5 year old girls and thought it would be a fantastic idea to be twins.  I refrained for saying a word about it and just let them do it.  Not that there is anything really wrong with it, but you know in 5 years they are going to kill me for it. :)

DSCN3808Jena, Allie and Sara.

A had something happen at the parade that still has me scratching my head.  As we were leaving I heard someone yell my name. I stopped and looked around and did not see anyone I recognized. Then this guy with a huge full beard, steps in front of me and says ‘How Are You!’ I had no clue who it was but I played right along thinking I’d figure it out as I went.  He asked me about my family, introduced me to his, we had some minor chit chat and I was still pulling a total blank! Seriously no clue, so I’m feeling dumb at this point. Then he says something about well it’s good to see you, it’s been forever, probably since about the 8th grade.  Ummm, I still have no idea who this guy is.  I feel bad but don’t dare ask at this point! Somehow I wrapped up the conversation and headed to the car.  There was a group of guys from Jr. High that I only kept in touch with 1 or 2 of them so I guessing it’s one of them. Which one? I still have no clue and I still feel bad about it.

Make your own pizza night waiting for Bart, Karen and the little cousins to arrive.


Finally they got here after a 14 hour drive with 2 babies (Can you say Crazy!) Here is a little clip of what happened when they arrived.  Everyone was so excited to see them and the kids would not leave little Matt alone.  Matty was so excited to be out of the car he couldn’t stop moving!  (Although I soon learned he is like that all the time. Wow that kid has some energy!)

This is our newest cousin Rachel. I’m pretty sure Sara kissed and squeezed her 9700 times and tried that many more.

Sara and Granny reading books for bedtime.


Trying to get everyone to look at the same time is pretty much impossible.


Here is what Barry did through it all.  How do men sleep through that much noise?


Kisses to our cousins! We miss you already!


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I’m just not sure which I love more….

Ok, I promise this is not turning into a coupon blog. But I had to share this.

If you click on this link for Schwan’s Foods you can order $10.00 worth of food for free.  I have several friends who have done it and it is totally free. The only catch is the item must be under $10.00. So you can’t order something that is $11.50 and pay the extra $1.50. Sort of lame but oh well.

I just ordered 2 lbs of Ground Beef for free and I also sent my momma 2 lbs too.  They also have tons a treats for under $10 too.

Now go get your free food!!

Speaking of treats, do any of you read The Pioneer Woman?  She has quickly become one of my favorites. She’s very witty and very down to earth, one of those people you would love to have for a best friend.

She also runs Tasty Kitchen and she recently recommended this recipe for Chocolate lava cakes. These are one of my ulitmate favorite things!

So I decided to try it out last night. I was in need of some chocolate therapy. And just in case you were wondering, it totally worked. The therapy that is.  The cakes too.  I don’t think I have ever made an easier recipe and they were PERFECT! Seriously, you have to make these babies. 20 minutes start to finish and you’d think a professional chef had whipped them up right in your own kitchen.

Oh my, I think I might make some more tonight…

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