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Am I allowed to say I’m getting a little tired of football?

We go to practice every afternoon.  The girls have friends there so they love it.

Me? Well, I have other things to do. But for the good of the family, I go.

(Do you want to smack me yet?)

Here is Jena at last weeks game.


One braid turned into a head full of braids and yes it took way too long and yes there were tears involved. Hers and mine. And yes she was the one who wanted it, not me. And no I don’t plan to do it again any time soon.


You know, sometimes I wonder where this girl came from.  Tan, flawless skin, bleach blond hair, beautiful red lips, gorgeous blue eyes.  She’s gonna kill me when she starts Jr. High.  Who am I kidding, she’s killing me now!!!


Here is Sara when Barry’s mom tried to talk to her.  She recently dyed her hair brown and ever since then Sara will have nothing to do with her.  It’s sort of funny actually. If she even touches her Sara starts to cry.


It’s good to have a big sister to cheer you up.

Back to football.

This game had me a bit stressed.  Our boys didn’t play as well as usual and the thought of them loosing had me more than a little nervous for them.

They are tied with one other team for first. They are both undefeated.

I have been dreaming about football.

It’s ridiculous, but I can’t help it.


3 more weeks of football, I think I’ll make it.

oh, and Ryan’s having fun too. :)


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I have been attempting to finish this quilt for over a week now.

My original plan failed because I can not find the thread I used to applique the stars on.

I attempted an overall stipple and hated it so after about 4 squares I stopped and unpicked it.

I attempted to machine quilt stars all over and basically I sucked at it…so I unpicked it again.


Did you know that you can quilt a 12″x12″ area in about 4-5 minutes and it takes you about an hour to unpick it?

I don’t suggest testing this. Twice. Just trust me.

I think I have decided to hand quilt it.  But then again that may change!

Here is my little helper, who must be on top of some portion of my quilt at all times.

It’s very helpful.


I currently have an two dressers full of fabric.  One of them is going to have to be used for baby number 4.  Which means I’m going to have to start cleaning up this mess.

I haven’t finished that either. I usually just open the door, look inside, groan and close the door again.  And for some reason that isn’t helping. Hmmm?


My other project last week.

Welcome to Peach Headquarters.


My mother apparently lost her mind a few months ago and ordered 5 bushels of peaches. For those of you who don’t know that’s about 13 boxes.

I kept asking her what she was going to do with them and she just gave me this look, you know the one your mom gives you when you should just shut up and do what your told. No matter that you might have a point or be right.

So I just shut up and did what I was told. :)

After 2 days of canning we had 150 quarts of peaches.

I don’t really want to eat peaches for a while.


Here is my other problem, not that I’m complaining, because I never complain.

My food storage room in the basement is packed! I just cleared off every last inch of space to fit all of my salsa so I had to find a new place for peaches.  Our back closet had to be cleaned out (which it totally needed) and now I have 2 shelves full of peaches.


Don’t you love the new Silver lids?

It’s silly, I know but they look so much better than the old gold ones.  My mom actually commented to me that she wondered why they had changed them.  I personally think it’s a younger generation thing.  Canning has become pretty popular/trendy with my generation and I’ll bet there are more than a few of you who would rather have the silver than the gold. Am I right?

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Sara and I have decided to just hang out in our PJ’s today, get over our colds, continue our potty training and take a big long nap and maybe finish a few quilt tops I have been neglecting.

We’ve all been fighting the latest bug that’s going around.

Everyone’s nose is looking a little like this but Sara makes it look cute.

I promise not to share pictures of my nose.


Ry’s team had another great win this weekend. They were all VeRY nervous.  Their coaches had phsyced (how do you spell that?) them up all week long about how good this team was. Apparently it did the job because they played really well and are undefeated as well as tied for 1st place.

Ryan plays so much during the games I get worried he is going to get dehydrated or hurt but so far he has been fine.  I’m that annoying mom that makes him drink and put on chapstick every time he comes off the field. :)  He just rolls his eyes at me.


I thought I’d share another big accomplishment of his.  I’ve shared before about our night time dryness issues and how frustrating it has been for everyone.  Well, he is officially over it! He has been dry all night for going on 4 weeks!

Can I get a Halleluia?!!

It has been the craziest thing. One week he wet every night and I was having to wake him up 3 times a night and the next he is totally dry and waking himself up.  We have even stopped his medicine and he’s doing great!

Woo Hoo!


Did anyone else have the wind we got last night?

Holy Cow!

I was in the basement watching the news when I heard this crash followed by some knocking and what sounded like my back door wide open!

I’m not gonna gonna lie, I about peed my pants! I franticly started looking for a bat or something and the best I could do was Sara’s toy vaccuum.  I was sure someone had just broke into our house!


Turns out I had forgotten all my windows were open and the wind had knocked this star and the chicken off my mantel.  And the blinds were blowing all over and makes all sorts of noise.  Sort of funny once you discover what it actually is.

I gotta say though, I’m really ticked off that my star is broken!

Stupid Wind!

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We took a Super Quick, as in less than 24 hours, camping trip over the Labor Day weekend.  It was a packed weekend anyway with work, football and Ry’s bday party and then I was informed (and if you know my dad, you know what I mean) that we were coming camping with them after Ryan’s party.

We were going to leave first thing Sunday morning but Barry was itching to leave, so 8:30pm Saturday night we headed up to Soapstone to meet my parents.  We arrived at 11:30 pm hoping to rattle their trailer and scare them a little. They ruined our fun though because they were still awake.

And true to Character my kids were up at the freaking crack of dawn despite the late hour of their bedtime.


Jena mastered the skill of throwing and catching a football and she was very pleased with herself.

I love when she wears a bandana on her head. She’s so cute!


Ry just knew Granny and Grandpa had a present for him and could not stop asking about it every 3 minutes all morning long!


Miss Sara doing puzzles with Granny.


And being her usual Grumpy in the morning Self.

Oh, if looks could kill!


Granny and Ry making targets to shoot Grandpa’s .22 Rifle.  Little did he know he was getting a BB Gun.  He thought for sure he was getting a pocket knife because he was starting Cub Scouts.  And if you have a Cub Scout, especially an 8 year old, you know there is not one darn thing they will do with a pocket knife, let alone a BB Gun.


Getting the ‘Gun Safety’ Lecture from Dad and Grandpa.


Taking his first Shot with his Red Ryder BB Gun.


Sticking your tonge out totally helps, just ask Barry, he’s a pro at it. ;)


Jena’s arms were too short to even hold the gun right.  But she was more interested in picking wild flowers anyway.


I love this picture of Barry.


Sara kissing her favorite person.

Seriously she cry’s for him all day long.

Total Daddy’s Girl.


Another thing she is getting really good at, unfortunatly, giving you the tongue.

She has such attitude.


We spent most of the day shooting the BB Gun and the .22. We left in such a hurry we forgot to bring up Barry and I’s guns.

My awesome parents.


Sara learned not to touch the trailer hitch.


The girls were making ‘Birthday Cupcakes’ in the dirt.

Dirt is the best, we shouldn’t even grass our yards. Just leave them dirt and turn the kids loose.


This is such a classic shot of my dad and the kids.  They adore him and follow him wherever he goes.IMG_9854

We ended up leaving Sunday Night because the 10,000 Feet and my super low blood pressure where not mixing well at all. I spent the day trying not to pass out and my mom kept trying to get me to drink Coke to help. It does help raise your blood pressure but it also gives me major gastro-intestinal destress and frankly I’d rather pass out!

Thanks Mom and Dad for ‘making’ us come, we had a great time even though it was short and sweet!

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Happy Birthday Ryan!


I know everyone says this but really…I can’t believe he’s 8!!!


He requested a Football Field cake. Not my most favorite cake I’ve ever made but he was happy and that’s all that matters right?


Probably the favorite gift, Football Gloves.  2nd would be the cash, cause who doesn’t like cash?


Jena….being Jena.

We had family over for Cake and Presents and then went swimming at the pool and had pizza.  Nice and easy on me. I nice change from a big birthday party like the last few years.


Jena…Need I Say More?


Ry decided to go without his swim shirt that he has worn all summer. Hence his stark whiteness.


And Sara of course completely enjoyed herself on the froggy slide.

Thanks to everyone who came!

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This is what happens when you get home from your morning jog and notice your yard is full of weeds.

So you start weeding them and to keep the two year old occupied you turn on some High School Musical Tunes and hand her the iphone.

She sits perfectly content in the grass singing away at the top of her lungs.

Not that she’s singing the words but that doesn’t matter.

About 20 minutes later you hear…

‘Look Mommy, I clean!’



Dumb. Dumb. Dumb Mother.

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We have a lot of rocks around our neighborhood.

A bazillion actually.

Great big climbing rocks.

The kids love them.





(that is my niece Sydney, just in case you were wondering.)



And if your wondering if this post has a point, well it doesn’t.

Accept that my kids are cute.

And calm, brotherly love moments like this one, happen about ummm…I think this is the only time it has happened.

The calm part that is.

He try’s to give his own version of brotherly love, it’s just not generally appreciated by the girl population in the house.


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