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Ok, no one faint please!

Yes, I am posting something on my blog!

I keep meaning to blog, really I do. I have several cute things I’ve made lately and some cute kid stuff to brag about but I have a problem.

My camera has died.

I haven’t really mourned it’s lose because I want a new one. But I seriously can’t blog without pictures. Does anyone else have this problem?

This is totally not what I was going to blog about, so back on track I go.

I’m due to have this baby in 5 weeks and I’m nesting.

Like a crazy women!

I’m pretty sure it’s driving Barry insane but after 4 pregnancy’s he’s a pretty smart man and he’s just going with it.  He helped me totally rearrange Ryan’s room today and I’m doing the girls room tomorrow and then I’m on to our room and oh yes, my sewing room, I have big plans down there to go with my new sewing machine that I’m headed out to get today. Woo Hoo!

But here is my dilemma.  I can not for the life of me choose a pattern for this little boys bedding.  If you quilt much you know it’s hard to find great masculine fabric.  There is of course your basic baby fabric’s but I’m not such a big fan of those.  Plus I’m a fabric snob and pretty much refuse to buy fabric at JoAnn’s. It must be from a Quilt Shop, it’s just so much cuter and such a better quality AND the women at quilt shops can actually cut your fabric straight so you get what you paid for.  I shouldn’t even get started on the cutting skills of JoAnn employee’s.

So here is your job-

Look at the following photo’s.  Imagine them in Boy colors.   And tell me which pattern is your favorite.

They are all pretty basic patterns and the one with circles I am considering making into stars but I just can’t decide.

Pattern 1 – Made by very talented Natalie at Piece N Quilt.

Pattern 2 – I sure wish I could remember where I got this photo and give credit but I don’t.

Pattern 3 – Made by Camille over at Thimble Blossoms.  I don’t think there is anything she has done that I don’t like, right down to how she decorates her house and is addicted to her caffine. :)

Pattern 4 – This one I really don’t know who made it. I saw it on flicker and the rest of the room was so perfect I just wanted to move in.

In case you’re wondering I’m leaning toward Camille’s quilt and the bumper pads from number 4.  But I oh so love the circles and you all know how much I love me some stars! See I can’t decide.  Help!


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