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Teri decided we needed to act out the Christmas Nativity this year.

It was fun but we definitly need to organize better next year.

This is Mary.

She was adorable, what else can I say.

One of our Shepherds needed to check that his nose was clean.

All Clear.

Somehow Herod’s guards got a hold of Jesus.

It was a very reverent event.

We had a big breakthrough the past few months. Sara will not only be in the same room with Tori she has decided that she likes her too. See Tori, I knew she’d come around.

Grandpa Great…What do I say.

If you ever ask Grandpa Great to be in your nativity just make sure he doesn’t bring his own robe.

Because if he does you are not safe from stories involving the word naked and this robe.

Enough Said.

Our Joseph.

He was very happy to be apart of the whole thing.

“No Room!”

Ahhh, aren’t they cute?

Mary made sure the 3 wise men sat where they were supposed to.

We had very lively shepherds and a very boring Angel.

So boring I couldn’t get a normal picture of her.


And She’s gone!

Our lovely cast after their award winning performance.

One of our Shepherds was a little stuck in his head-dress.

I think that might have been his favorite part.

Say hello to our audience.

Then it was off to your warm Jammies, soft blankets and cuddling with Aunt Teri.


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Christmas project

I’ve wanted to make this table runner since last year.

I thought I was pretty happy with it but I used felted wool and it did not survive the abuse it got everyday.

I wanted it to be pretty primitive so I just zigzag stitched everything which I really like and I also loved the wool texture.

It ended up really stretched and wavy so I’ll be remaking it again next year.

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I’m not sure who took these but they are obviously phone pictures.

Sara with her flip flops and no pants cracks me up.

This girl loves to go without pants.

I don’t know what they are doing but their sure cute.

A little sibling lovin.


Again, Sara and her lack of clothing. She also loves to run around in just her tights and she usually pulls them clear up to her armpits.

This was in November when I could be considered cute and pregnant.

Not so much anymore.

Now it’s Gianormous and Onery.

Helping me make Thanksgiving Rolls.

She found Ryan’s Elf Costume from his preschool program and she wore it for pretty much all of December.

(you can tell how my camera keeps getting worse and worse)

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Murder Mystery

Stacie and Matt (my brother and his girlfriend) got the crazy idea to have a Murder Mystery Dinner last November.

I’m not sure that knew it would be so much work but it turned out really fun. Plus they enlisted my sister Teri to help and if you know Teri than you know what that means. If not, just know she is Very Detail Oriented. Did I say Very?

Matt built actual swinging saloon doors. They were very cool but I’m not sure what they plan to do with them now. :)

Matt and Sara ‘cuttin a rug’ before it started.

Teri and her friend Mike

Barry was the Sheriff of the town.

My cute cousin Tawny (in Red).

She came with a blind date!

What a brave girl!

Some of the Saloon Girls.

My cousin Jerem and his wife Chantelle looking at the Murder Victim.

Tori and Matt where husband and wife in the game.

Although Tori’s character was suppose to flirt with the Sheriff (Barry) the whole game.

That was very entertaining to watch because Tori could hardly get herself to do it.

I was just a towns folk and I will not be posting any pictures of myself in a prairie dress and prego.

So not attractive.

Barry and Mike giving Stacie the 3rd Degree.

She was very entertaining to watch.

Matt and Stacie.

Thanks guys it was fun!

***please do not ask me when or if these two are getting married. because if you know Matt then you also know that his family will be the last to know. in fact we will probably get an invite in the mail in order to find out. :)

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Carving pumpkins is always a mix of ‘ewww, Gross!’ and ‘ewww, Cool!’

Using your tongue always helps things go better.

Jena was very proud of her vampire kitty that she did mostly by herself.

Sara with post-nap hair.

She absolutely loved pulling the guts out.

Ry and his pumpkin

This is how Sara’s turned out.

At our church Halloween party.

This is when Sara started figuring out the whole ‘we do this for candy’ thing.

Just cause she cute!

Ryan’s friend was waiting for him to go trick or treating and he was not pleased that I  was making him take pictures.

Besides the face painting all I made this year was Jena’s cape and tutu and it was so nice to not make costumes.

The girls.

Sara was so excited she would run from house to house telling Jena to ‘hurry up and push the button’ (doorbell).

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Just a warning

So I just scanned back through my blog and…well…it’s sad.

I haven’t even posted Halloween pictures!

I really thought I had.

So this is just a warning, I’m about to go back and update.

Sorry for the overload!

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