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As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a little accident while sledding on Christmas Day.

I have since learned the culprit was probably this sledding apperatus.

Not the best choice when the snow is hard as ice but is sure does go fast.

Jena loved it but came home with a bit of a sore bum.

And I’m not sure Grandpa is ever going to get over feeling totally responsible.

Poor Grandpa. :(

I felt worse for him the first few days and I did Sara.

She was so tired when she got hurt that we couldn’t really tell if she was more hurt or tired.  But that whole evening she wouldn’t walk on it but only cried a little.  The next day is was obvious when she didn’t even want you to touch it that something was wrong.  Although, I still can’t believe how little she cried or fussed about.

So we took her to the Doctor, who pulled and squeezed her leg hard enough he was thinking it couldn’t be broken because she hardly even whimpered but refused to look or speak to him.

But after the x-ray it was very obvious is was broken all the way through the bone right below her knee at the top of the tibia. (no clue how to spell that.)

So they put a splint on her leg all the way to her bum and told us to go to an Orthopedic to get a cast on Monday. (it was saturday.)

Just for the record, giving a two year old a sucker after pulling and proding and splinting her broken leg does not mean you are friends.

It was an interesting 2 days trying to go potty and sit in a car seat and pretty much everything else.  Buy Monday she was absolutely miserable and crying non stop. She kept telling me her foot hurt and not her leg. When we finally got to the Orthopedic Doctor he did another x-ray on her foot but couldn’t see anything wrong.  But once they took the splint off  we discovered it was pulling her foot down and probably causing cramping and pain. Once they put the actual cast on and had her bones muscles and bones at proper angles she didn’t complain a bit.

You can’t tell here but she does have a cast on and Teri helped her paint her toes nice and pretty.  Teri also got her toes painted. ;)

For the next 3 weeks she will be in a bent cast so that she can’t walk and then for 2-3 weeks she will be in a straight cast that she can walk with.  We had to go buy her several new stretchy pants and jammies that could fit over the cast and I’m glad this cast is only half way up her thigh so that going potty is not such a trick!

As you can see it hasn’t slowed her down much. A big thick sock and a plastic bag and she right back out sledding.  Although she did say as we were getting dressed to go out, ‘I not break my other leg. K?’

Here she is sledding in our backyard.

Bathing has also become pretty interesting. Luckily I have a big kitchen sink and she thinks it’s fun.

She laughs the whole time we wash her hair because the water tickles.

Here she is tonight getting around just fine.

She’ll have her straight cast on when I have this new baby so that should help.

Right now I’m just hoping that all the carrying her around will put me into labor!

Wishful thinking.


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Murder Mystery

Stacie and Matt (my brother and his girlfriend) got the crazy idea to have a Murder Mystery Dinner last November.

I’m not sure that knew it would be so much work but it turned out really fun. Plus they enlisted my sister Teri to help and if you know Teri than you know what that means. If not, just know she is Very Detail Oriented. Did I say Very?

Matt built actual swinging saloon doors. They were very cool but I’m not sure what they plan to do with them now. :)

Matt and Sara ‘cuttin a rug’ before it started.

Teri and her friend Mike

Barry was the Sheriff of the town.

My cute cousin Tawny (in Red).

She came with a blind date!

What a brave girl!

Some of the Saloon Girls.

My cousin Jerem and his wife Chantelle looking at the Murder Victim.

Tori and Matt where husband and wife in the game.

Although Tori’s character was suppose to flirt with the Sheriff (Barry) the whole game.

That was very entertaining to watch because Tori could hardly get herself to do it.

I was just a towns folk and I will not be posting any pictures of myself in a prairie dress and prego.

So not attractive.

Barry and Mike giving Stacie the 3rd Degree.

She was very entertaining to watch.

Matt and Stacie.

Thanks guys it was fun!

***please do not ask me when or if these two are getting married. because if you know Matt then you also know that his family will be the last to know. in fact we will probably get an invite in the mail in order to find out. :)

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We took a Super Quick, as in less than 24 hours, camping trip over the Labor Day weekend.  It was a packed weekend anyway with work, football and Ry’s bday party and then I was informed (and if you know my dad, you know what I mean) that we were coming camping with them after Ryan’s party.

We were going to leave first thing Sunday morning but Barry was itching to leave, so 8:30pm Saturday night we headed up to Soapstone to meet my parents.  We arrived at 11:30 pm hoping to rattle their trailer and scare them a little. They ruined our fun though because they were still awake.

And true to Character my kids were up at the freaking crack of dawn despite the late hour of their bedtime.


Jena mastered the skill of throwing and catching a football and she was very pleased with herself.

I love when she wears a bandana on her head. She’s so cute!


Ry just knew Granny and Grandpa had a present for him and could not stop asking about it every 3 minutes all morning long!


Miss Sara doing puzzles with Granny.


And being her usual Grumpy in the morning Self.

Oh, if looks could kill!


Granny and Ry making targets to shoot Grandpa’s .22 Rifle.  Little did he know he was getting a BB Gun.  He thought for sure he was getting a pocket knife because he was starting Cub Scouts.  And if you have a Cub Scout, especially an 8 year old, you know there is not one darn thing they will do with a pocket knife, let alone a BB Gun.


Getting the ‘Gun Safety’ Lecture from Dad and Grandpa.


Taking his first Shot with his Red Ryder BB Gun.


Sticking your tonge out totally helps, just ask Barry, he’s a pro at it. ;)


Jena’s arms were too short to even hold the gun right.  But she was more interested in picking wild flowers anyway.


I love this picture of Barry.


Sara kissing her favorite person.

Seriously she cry’s for him all day long.

Total Daddy’s Girl.


Another thing she is getting really good at, unfortunatly, giving you the tongue.

She has such attitude.


We spent most of the day shooting the BB Gun and the .22. We left in such a hurry we forgot to bring up Barry and I’s guns.

My awesome parents.


Sara learned not to touch the trailer hitch.


The girls were making ‘Birthday Cupcakes’ in the dirt.

Dirt is the best, we shouldn’t even grass our yards. Just leave them dirt and turn the kids loose.


This is such a classic shot of my dad and the kids.  They adore him and follow him wherever he goes.IMG_9854

We ended up leaving Sunday Night because the 10,000 Feet and my super low blood pressure where not mixing well at all. I spent the day trying not to pass out and my mom kept trying to get me to drink Coke to help. It does help raise your blood pressure but it also gives me major gastro-intestinal destress and frankly I’d rather pass out!

Thanks Mom and Dad for ‘making’ us come, we had a great time even though it was short and sweet!

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As a mother I have learned many things.

And some things I seem to forget and then re-learn.

Like water for instance.

You take your kids to the river and say to them “Now don’t get wet.”


That’s when mine strike a pose like this and say “Whatever.”

Hello Idiot! They are going to get wet!


Hey you guys, don’t get muddy.


Yeah, right.

Ok, you can stand in the water but don’t get your clothes wet!


Uh Huh, I’ll be sure to do that Mom.


Oooo, look a rock!


Hey! Let me see that rock!


Katie, Do Not Put that Rock in Your Mouth.

Katie, Don’t put it in your Mouth!


What? What did you say Mom?

Something about my mouth…mmmmm.


Sometimes you just have to give up and let them get muddy and wet and eat rocks.


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Ok, here is the video just for fun-

(I meant to post these the other day but Comcast was not cooperating.)

We had a few collisions in the beginning.

Sara got much braver by the end, she just didn’t quite have the body weight.

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It’s been a busy week with Spencer and Allie here visiting but the kids have been on cloud 9 the whole time!

My brother Matt and his girlfriend Stacy came up with this crazy idea to make their own slip and slide for the kids.  I don’t think the kids will ever stop talking about it!  They had a blast!

They went up to a local Jr. High field with huge hills, found the box with a hose hook up, laid out a 8’x100′ piece of plastic, covered the plastic and themselves with liquid dish soap and fun began.

*tons of photos, this might take a few minutes to load*


Sara, Allie and Jena doing the train


I don’t think these two have stopped holding hands since Allie arrived. So Cute.


What happens when you try to stand  up.


Ry making it look ‘oh so easy’.


Love the tounge half out


Sara and Uncle Matt


She had so much fun!


Spencer the pro. He did knee jumps all the way down. Ouch!


Stacy was a little covered in grass.


I’m not sure who was more nervous to go down, Teri or Sara.

Actually I am sure, it was Teri. Whimp!


The bottom got a little muddy after a while.


Just Chillin’.


After applying dish soap the the slide Matt and Sara Flew down that thing!


Jena’s poor bum was a bit sore by the end.


Sara constantly tells Stacy how cute she is.


I think Sara’s pretty cute herself. :)


After we got home Grandpa was pushing Sara in the swing.


She was a little tired and fell asleep right there.

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We introduced Sara to jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath and now she thinks that is the only way to jump.


Looking at these pictures I can’t believe how big Sara is.  She is clearly not my baby anymore.  Lately she has been telling me her legs and knees hurt and I’m sure it’s because she’s growing.  I can’t keep enough food in her to keep her satisfied.  I am literally feeding her ever 1 1/2 hours because she is starving.  It is amazing how fast their little body’s grow in a matter of weeks.

We also went downtown for Air Force Week to see the Jets and Color Gaurd and the Fighter Pilot Movie at the IMAX.  If you ever have a chance to go see that movie you should, it was awesome!  It was so realistic I got a little ‘Air Sick’ just sitting in my seat.


Granny and the kiddo’s.


Ryan trying to climb in Soccer Cleats. {eye roll} IMG_5711 I keep trying to put more pictures of myself on here but I just hate it.

I mean I know I have huge calves but do I need the whole world to know?


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