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ok, so today was not one of my best days.  i could get into it but really, i’ll spare you the details.  instead i thought i’d share a few things that made me feel so much better.  and as i sit here thinking of these things that made me feel better, i’m realizing they are not your typical feel good kind of moments. really they are more fuel your fire kind of things and i suppose said to someone else they could make you cry even harder.  but that’s not really the point….


i woke up today in a far from fabulous mood, in fact i went to bed the night before that way.  i was determined to either do nothing but milk my sorrows all day long or to get out and act like they didn’t exist. two rather healthy options if i do say so myself.  like most mornings, i dialed my sister-in-laws number. maybe she would bail me out by taking my kids or feed me chocolate while letting me bitch vent.  so when i asked the question ‘whatcha doin ?’ i wasn’t really expecting the answer or rather tirade that i received.  

prepare yourself for a big run on sentence, it went a little something like this-


well first i got up earlier than i wanted to, to get my ungrateful kids off to school who were less than happy to get out of bed themselves. Now i have a big huge list of things i need to get done at home that will probably not get done because i have to go to this stupid visiting teaching luncheon that i’m not ready for and then i have a bunch of errands to run that i don’t have money for that will use up the gas i don’t have in my car.   (insert big breath here)  then i was thinking i would come home to my kids who will not listen to anything i say and cook dinner f

or my husband who will be less than appreciative and then i’ll do the dishes while they all watch tv and don’t notice that i could use some help or maybe a thank you!…….(i’m sure there are things i’ve left out.)  What you doin?


I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!  Seriously, there are some days that i could just kiss that girl.

this is when i said something like, ‘sooo, you don’t want to take my ungrateful kids?’  i’ll leave her response to your imagination. :)

so i went with option B, only with the kids and we drove and hour to my sister’s house.  she just moved and she was having my Mom and Aunt Barb over to help her decorate. great diversion.

while sitting on her couch being no help what so ever, i picked up my trusty iphone which is always great for mind numbing and time wasting games and internet searching and facebook…voyeurism or whatever it is you do on facebook and  i updated my facebook status to read ‘Kelli is down right pissy.’

aren’t i just a bundle of sunshine? i know, if your don’t really know me your totally rethinking wanting to. but really i’m not usually this, well, pissy.  but then again, maybe i am, because what do you know the next thing i see is a response from my friend Scott (who i haven’t seen since high school) who writes ‘Some things never change :)’

and i’ll tell you what, i laughed and laughed and laughed.  that and the fact that one of my closest friends, Melissa, has written ‘note to self, do not call Kelli today.’


i think what makes me so happy at the end of this fabulous day of mine is that i have friends who understand me.  they know that i’m not the kind of girl that would really appreciate a mushy pep talk.(most of the time)  they know how to make me laugh, they listen to me vent, and sometimes when i need it they tell me to quit being such a whiner and get over myself.  these are the people i want in my life. people that make me smile. people that love me and understand me even when i’m less than lovable.  people that are real.

note to self: get over it! :)

hope y’all have a great tuesday!

and by the way, Mom, Teri, Barb and Nat thanks for putting up with me today!


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rather than taking the time to rewrite pretty much word for word this entire post, i’m just going to send you all over to Darcie and say that she sums it up well and my heart is right there with her.

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do you ever sit in church and see that lady in the front pew with 12 children all sitting in a row, clean, dressed to the 9’s, not moving a muscle and seemingly perfect?  how does she do it?  (i like to pretend that she has a huge bottle of benedryl in her purse and she forces them all to drink it before coming to church-it’s the only way it’s conceivably possible)

i’m the lady in the very back row, whose husband is usually at work, with 3 children who are fighting, crying for treats, climbing the chairs, spilling the sacrament tray, flipping on and off the light switch and knocking the ornery old guy, who was apparently married to one of those ladies in the front row, in the back of the head.  you can think i’m exaggerating all you want but all of the above have and do occur on a regular basis.

i’ve been feeling like i just can’t accomplish all the things i want to lately.  when i plan it all out i have plenty of time but then my time isn’t really mine.  in the mornings it’s Sara’s time, in the afternoon it’s Jena’s, in the late afternoon it’s Ryan’s and the early evening belongs to Barry.  by the time 8:30 rolls around and my time seems to be my own it flies by so fast i can not catch it.

today however i feel accomplished. today i managed to get all but 1 of my cabinets completed, i finished all of the laundry and there is nary a dirty dish in sights. today i spent good one on one time with each of my children. we played, we sang songs, we read, we did homework and it is amazing how a little one on one therapy with your children can cure an aching heart.

today i also let a close friend really hurt my feelings.  i’m not one to take offense to much. i’m really good at letting it just roll of my back and going on with my life. maybe it’s because it hit a soft spot, something i’ve been worried about anyway.  it’s one of those things that i’m sure she didn’t intend to hurt me.  she implied that by voting for a certain candidate, whom she felt had a horrific education plan, that i did not care for my children.  it’s stupid, i know. but i haven’t been able to let it pass.

we all say things we should not, we all generalize, we all have something come out not the way we intended it. but how dare someone imply that i do not care for my children’s future.  i hate to toot my own horn but i’m not slacker when it comes to my kids education.  in fact, i have been very frustrated at my children’s new school.  they spent the first 2 weeks without homework because they didn’t have a ‘proper homework folder’.  note to school-perhaps you should inform the new student or parent that they need this folder!  and why in heavens name can homework not come home without the folder?  we have discovered that this school’s reading program is way behind their previous school. which is interesting because the school is spoken so highly of and rated well too.  both of my children are being given material that they did last year.  the 1st grade reading that is sent home is what Ryan was reading last fall!  and the kindergarten does not send home books.  nope, none. and they have none to provide for you if you ask for them!  i’m ranting now i know.  needless to say i have spent the last 2 weeks researching and trying to locate the appropriate reading materials for my children. it stresses me out to know that i’m apparently going to have to do this on my own.  i’m not a parent that is ok to watch my children sit by and be ignored or slip through the cracks or blame the teachers for their failure.  but i’m also not the parent who ever planned to home-school my children in any way, shape or form.

i’m feeling pretty frustrated that my 1st grader comes home each day literally crying because he is so board at his new school and my kindergartener is crying because ‘this school isn’t going to teach her to read.’ (taken straight from her mouth!)  and i’m feeling a little bit pissed off that the school just wants to shrug their shoulders and offer no other options.  i’m also feeling a lit bit offended that my good friend had the nerve to tell me that i don’t care about my children!  but…i am feeling accomlished. accomplished because i do care, i can teach them, i did take the time and i’ll continue to do it if that’s what it takes to make sure my kids aren’t overlooked.

and you know what, i’ll feel better tomorrow. i’ll get over what my friend said because i know she loves me and i know she loves my children and lord know’s i love her despite her blundering mouth. i’ll continue to bug the school because my kids desearve more.  i’ll go to church again on sunday because the gospel is what matter’s, not the old man or the lights or the spilled sacrament. (well maybe the sacrament but they can get more, right?) and maybe i’ll get to know that lady with 12 kids so i can figure out what she’s bribing them with. but don’t hold your breath on that one cause i’m also the girl who sits on the back row in sunday school class too cause all those other women sort of terrify me.

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Proposition 8

a first hand look at how legalizing same sex marraige effects all of us. i find it very disturbing that this is beginning to be pushed all over our country and pray that we all have the sense to take a stand to it.

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