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You all know how they go…I’m never happy with them, ever. What do you do?


Thinking I’ll learn some photoshop magic and get rid of a few chins!


Where should I stand?


I’m thinking this is the best one.

I would totally put this on my wall.


Hold on a minute, I gotta get something out of my nose.


Oh, Shucks I’m so cute, and I know it.


This one cracks me up, Ry’s smile totally reminds me of my brother Bart.

Forced and Painful looking in every photo.

Jena is doing her ‘skinny belly’.


Ahhh, now that’s cute! Rare, but very cute.


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We also celebrated Barry’s Birthday on Sunday.  I love when he has birthday’s because then he is only 1 year younger than me instead of 2. Or so it seems.

Enjoy the last year of your 20’s! he he.

We Love You!


(Sara was all about the cake and singing this time.)

Did I Mention that March and April are crazy filled birthday months for us?  By the second week of April I don’t want to see a birthday cake or sing again for months!

2 down about 10 to go!

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Mine Two!

I can hardly believe that Sara is two! Seriously where does the time go?

So here are a few photo’s from her birthday party.  I invited the whole family and honestly didn’t realize how many people that was!  We had a full house.

To start, here is what I was working on.  I see these all the time and finally had a reason to make one.  I used up all my fabric scraps though.  Too bad, I’ll just have to go buy some more fabric! img_53011

Here it is far away, along with Papa (Sara’s number 1 favorite), Granny and Daddy. Don’t you love when people take your picture and you don’t know it and then they put it on the internet? I super love that.

And in case you were wondering, Sara’s favorite goes something like this- Papa, Aunt Teri, Aunt Natalie, Baby Cousin Katie and occasionally Mom and Dad get thrown in the mix!


Moving on…

Remember favorite person #4? Sara was so happy when Baby Katie arrived that she had to just climb right up on the table to hug her.


So Cute.

As Katie searches for help from her mom and dad!


I have to just tell you that I got a lot of flack about the cake. I have always made a character cake for my kids birthdays from about 1 to 5 years old.  Well, Sara does not like cake all that much so I decided to make a cheesecake instead. Total last minute decision that I have yet to hear the end of.

My bad.

It’s sort of like how my other 2 kids have monthly pictures until they are practically 2 and Sara has ummm… 2 total.

I just want to insert here that I have a bazillion snap shots of her and that I have probably enjoyed her ‘baby-hood’ (that’s not a word, I know) more than the first 2 kiddos. Not to say I didn’t love them just as much but my working full time during those years made it a lot more stressful.

Back to the point….sheesh I’m chatting tonight…

The cake, yes.  Sara was running all around the house as people arrived and was overjoyed with all the attention she was getting but clueless as to why anyone was here.  I sat her at the table and asked her if she wanted us to sing Happy Birthday to her.  This is when everyone started to gather round the table, and by everyone I mean about 23 people, and it got pretty quiet.  She looked at me, shook her head and whimpered No.

This is the face we got for the entire song and candle blowing ceremony.


I thought she might burst into tears, but she made it through!  Teri felt so bad for her she had to rush right in and make sure she was ok.

After a little Teri love and Brownie Caramel Cheesecake (mmmmm-you gotta make this, it’s totally calorie free!) she was all smiles again. She then opened presents, Thank You Everyone, but the hit of the party was the bubbles from Granny, Aunt Michelle and Grandma.


She also spent the following day telling me, ‘Mine Two’ and trying to show me her 2 fingers. (We’re gonna have to work on that)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I love you!


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Between all the singing coming from the shower, I kept hearing “Moooom!”

She wanted to show me how shinny and clean her earrings where.

“Don’t they look Fab-lee-us!”

They look Fabulous Jena, just Fabulous!

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We’ve been a little sick around here lately. A lot sick actually.  

Let me just start by saying that I’m not one to run to the doctor over every little sniffle and cough.  I’m not big on paying co-pays just to have the good old Doc tell me I just need some rest and a decongestant.  

That said, if I’m at the doctor, I’m sick.  Can’t function, called my husband home from work to drive me to the doctor kind of sick.

Being that we moved recently we have had to find a new doctor because as much as I like the old one it just doesn’t make sense to drive an hour to see him.

So once I’m certain I have a sinus infection, which has caused  an ear infection, possibly strep because I’ve been exposed and my chest is tightening up so bad I’m having trouble breathing, I haul myself into the new Doc.

Guess what  he tells me?

You’ve just got the cold going around, get some rest and drink lots of fluids.

I considered  giving him a piece of my mind and asking whether or not he had listened to one thing I had told him.

I refrained however and took myself home to bed.

In the mean time I continue to get sicker, Sara goes from having a cold to miserable and Jena is stuffing up.

This is when my awesome sister asked Jena stay at her house for the weekend.  Jena was in HEAVEN!  3 days of all girl stuff with Teri and Tori, you didn’t have to ask her twice. Thanks Teri!


She came home with this and has not slept a night without it since.  I think it’s…very Jena.

I finally took myself and Sara to the Insta Care on Sunday and what does the Doctor ask me?

Why did you wait so long to come in?!!!

I nicely explained that I had not waited and he carefully explained to me how he would not choose that certain doctor again.

Good to know.

Sara’s diagnosis – Strep Throat and Bronchitis.

My diagnosis – A Throat Infection that is not Strep, Bronchitis, Double Ear Infections, an Eye Infection and a Sinus Infections.

Hey Doc, anything else you’d like to add to that?


So 2 doctors visits, 5 Rx’s and too much money later we are starting to feel better.

What to know why else my sister rocks?

She surprised me by showing up Monday and helped me clean my house (Lysol and Cloxox Craziness) and entertain my kids while I took a really great nap.

Also my Mama brought me dinner on Sunday night AND did my dishes.  

Seriously, I have THE BEST FAMILY in the whole world!

Now I’m that neurotic mom  forcing my kids to drink tons of OJ and suck on zinc drops and take colloidal silver and sleep with humidifiers and Lysol all the door handles and railings every day!

They are really sick of me.

BUT… They Are NOT Sick!

Waaaahhh Hoooo!

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Teri is taking a photography class and had an assignment where she had to use very harsh lighting.  Of course my children were happy to help her.  I am amazed at how well some of them turned out and how each of their personalities are so evident.



I love her innocence.



i adore this one.


So Jena.


This guys getting too old, I just can’t stand it.


I can’t get over how much he is a carbon copy of his dad.

Down to the way he moves there is no dought they are Father and Son.

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Sisterly Love

Some of you have obviously noticed the…exchanges…that go on between my sister and I.  Most of you know we are kidding and we just have that sarcastic type of relationship but just in case you didn’t know I thought I’d let you know.

I love her more than my luggage!

teri-and-kelliThere, now it’s clear.

Now look what she brought me home from her cruise to Mexico.

A Cute chips and salsa bowl!

img_5287I love it!

Thanks, Teri!

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