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it’s that time of day, 2-4 pm that i just don’t function well. sleepiness hits me and it hits me hard. i remember mom picking us up from school after a long day of whatever it was that she did all day (those are the exact thoughts of a 14 year old) and she would pull into the garage, we would all get out and go in and she would sit in the car and take a nap.

i totally get it now.  hiding from the children and having a nap in the nice warm car.  i totally get it now.

so now that i’m trying to stay awake i had to change what i was doing, so blogging it is.  and actually it’s not really working that well. :)

i started working on another quilt i’d like to sell and found i couldn’t quite remember how i made it.  i just winged the design and ended up really liking it.  so i shifted gears and sat down and wrote a pattern for it.  i have discovered something i suppose i already knew, i can do a lot of things but if i have to explain it to someone else it seems like i have no idea what i’m talking about!

example- iron…some of that white stuff that is sticky on both sides and then cut out your stars. next pull off the paper and iron it on the quilt.  then stitch it with some….really heavy thread around each star.

so this has been a good experience for me. it has forced me to actually figure out the correct name for things and learn how to figure out yardages basically use my brain a little more.

example- lay your fabric with the right side down and iron Pellon’s Wonder Under Fusible Web on the back.  Next cut out your star shape using the template provided. Now remove the paper backing from the Fusible Web and iron your stars onto each solid square of your quilt, making sure to center and place each star the same direction.  Now using a Top Stitching Thread in a coordinating color stitch 1/4″ in from the edge all the way around each star.

hey, not bad huh?


pattern cover


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i found it!

while helping my sister install all of her photo’s on her new mac i came across something that made me VErY happy.


pictures of my first appliqued quilt!  I made it for my cousin Andrea in 2005. (well cousin-in-law if you want to get technical)  she asked me to make it for her first baby Peyton. on a side note, Peyton is about 4 years younger than Ry and i LoVE seeing him because he reminds me so much of Ry.  he is all boy and adorable, along with her other son Easton who is equally as cute.  blah, blah, blah…just thought i’d share.


oh yes, i also HaND quilted this!  then i hand quilted Ry’s twin size quilt. CRaZy!  i might hand quilt a baby quilt again but probably never anything bigger.  i’m pretty sure that is the cause of my on again off again finger joint PaiN! :)  that and hand cutting stencils for hours on end when Nat and i started Simple Star Designs (back then it was Primitive Starr).  God bless the vinyl cutter that also cuts stencils and learning how to machine quilt!

fyi-those are sun shadows on the fabric, not bleach marks.

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the last week or so i’ve been trying to finish up a few projects that i’ve let go too long.   Granny and Grandpa gave Ry a map of the USA for Christmas and i have started to make him a cork board for it and it ended up taking a lot of time and a lot of curse words.  first i cut the cork too short and then i made the frame too big for the cork!  at least it was too big, that was fixable and i just patched to cork for now since it will just be behind the map anyway.  after i corrected the size error i left the shop for a moment and came back to find Jena sanding it for me!  it was already painted. it then received another coat of paint! :) it looks black but it’s actually a dark navy.


then i finally put up the vinyl he has been asking for forever.  you’d think that would have been done first since i own a professional vinyl cutter! (and by i, i mean Natalie and Simple Star Designs)  i am really loving the distressed font, although weeding it is not so fun. (weeding is what you have to do to the vinyl after it is cut by removing all of the unwanted vinyl from the sheet.)  imagine the tiniest pair of tweezers you can find and microscopic pieces of vinyl. oh, so much fun!


i also got another vinyl up that i have been wanting for quite some time and i am really happy with it.


wow, it just occurred to me what a horrible photographer i am. i’m sure my equipment doesn’t help the matter but i have no skills in this department.  so little in fact that i wanted to use the word ‘picture taker’ instead of photographer and my family would have never let that one go. (and by my family i mean Tori.)


i also feel the need to inform you that at this very moment that i am wasting time blogging my husband is upstairs MULTITASKING by CLEANING THE GARAGE and COOKING DINNER!  oh yes, you read that right.  plus he sent me off to hang out with my momma for the day without one little complaint of babysitting parenting the little ones.  and again, yes, he is MULTITASKING…i’m left a bit speechless about this being that in our 8+ years of marriage i don’t believe i’ve ever witnessed him MULTITASKING. he is admittedly a one task kind of of guy.  WOW.

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i woke up to this.


normally you can see the entire valley from this window.

i do like snow, Christmas just isn’t the same without it. i’d just like it to snow 3 days before Christmas and melt the day the kids go back to school and then it should be 75 degrees again.  can you tell me where that happens so i can move there?

i’m coping with the help of these…


stephens original hot cocoa (i don’t do any of that flavored stuff) and these cute gloves from american eagle that i bought back in october, Love Them!

made some banana bread today and it smelled so great cooking and warming the house! but look-

img_4923the entire center did not cook!  i even left it in 5 minutes too long.  this always happens to me with bread and i can’t figure out what the problem is.  the outside is almost too crispy, it looks done when i take it out and then after it cools for 10 minutes i discover a cavern has formed in the middle.  i’m gonna stick with banana muffins from now on, they always turn out fine.

i finally finished these and hung them in the girls room.  i think they turned out pretty cute, but i had to hang them higher than i wanted due to some little hands swatting them.


also the girls drapes are finally up.  Jen saw these ones and loved them so my mama made them for her with a full sheet i found at walmart for $4.  I need a cute rod but i had one of those $2 white ones laying around so that will work for now.


a few of you asked about the Boutique location so i’m working on the address for you.  it is in a home a few blocks from mine, it will be held the entire month of december and it has been really busy so far.

and now i’m off for some more creating at nat’s house.

happy snow day!

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i was having a hard time feeling christmasy but as soon as i opened the christmas boxes and took a deep breath i was there. Vanilla, Cinnamon and Pine…ahhhh.

so after driving all around town we finally decided on a tree and yes Teri, it’s fake. don’t hate me.  but after 8 years of marriage we have discovered that the mister and i specialize in killing christmas trees in 2 weeks or less, which presents a slight fire hazard.  and wouldn’t you know it, we have one section that the lights randomly turn on and off all by their little selves. (i’m debating on taking it down now and exchanging it or just waiting till after christmas cause i don’t want to put it together or decorate it again.)

These 2 weren’t much help since they both had strep throat all week, which amazingly the rest of us dodged, but they look pretty happy here despite the 103 degree fevers.


Jena loved decorating on top of dad.

img_4888note little sisters  blanky. i’ve never had a ‘blanky baby’ before, but she halls this thing everywhere and oh does it smell! (washing it horrifies her, but it must be done!)

i realize we are starless. i can not find a star i like.  every year i have just put up with what i could find but this year i vow to go starless until i find the perfect one!


have i mentioned how much i love my mantel? cause i really love it!  the tv on the coffee table in the corner…not so much.  but i have a very specific piece of furniture in mind for the tv, so it’s hidden, and i can’t find it anywhere.  i’m afraid i will be making it this spring,  along with a new desk.  i like to stay busy, what can i say.  i’m also hoping Mr. Obama sends some money my way so i can buy couches, since he seems to be big on supporting handouts i figure why not? *sarcasm*

speaking of busy, Nat and i have been in create mode. heavy on the creative for Nat and heavy on the manual labor for me. :)  she has known about this boutique for a long time but procrastinated to the last minute.  i think we tend to be more productive when we work together and i’ve been doing my house stuff up till now.  so we are mass producing vinyls, frames, magnet boards, calendars (which i love and will have in my house soon, i’ll be sure to share) custom family name frames and…..did i mention vinyls, vinyls and more vinyls?  basically covered in sawdust, paint, tape and vinyl with our ipods on overdrive and neglected children who sort of love the neglect freedom.

i’ll have to get some finished product photos to share. they should all be on our website. yes the website that was supposed to be done. normally i’d insert a ‘haha’ here, but it’s not really funny at this point!  now that Barry is done with school this week we are begging him to spend his nights off wrapping things up for us.  hmmm, finish my wife and sister’s website or play madden football, hmmm.  tuff choice, eh?  really we are begging!

did i mention i only have 2 gifts left to buy? 1 for Jena, which i hope to get on Tuesday and if i don’t i have know idea what i’m gonna get that girl! 2 is for my niece Sydney-she requires a little more effort in the gift department.

oh and by the way, i found my sewing stuff! yeah!!!  apparently i had forgotten to unpack a box and it got shoved way in the back corner and it was full of board games and sewing supplies. i have know idea why i packed those things together.  so i will hopefully finishing up a quilt or two this week to sell at the boutique.

and just so you know, we skipped church today. *gasp*  i’m such a rebel!  it’s been so nice to sleep in, sit around in pj’s and spend time with the kids. Lego’s and coloring really are fun!


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i had a few people ask me for my info about my labels so here you go.


Small 3.5″x1.75″   –   6/$12.50  or  1/$2.50

Large 5″x2.5″   –   6/$24.00  or  1/$4.50

The large size is great for storage.


You can choose your color and the uses are unlimited, go crazy!

Here are some ideas-

Kitchen-sugar, flout, brown sugar, powdered sugar, hot chocolate, oatmeal, popcorn, cereal, snacks, noodles, past, cookies

Bathroom-soap, lotion, cotton balls, q-tips

Storage-Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Fall, Winter


If your interested in them send me or Nat an email.

Now that my kitchen in wrapping up i will be getting back to our website and it should be up here in a week or two! FINALLY!

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remember how i was going to get out of my pajama’s and do all of those things on my list?

ya, about that…i may or may not have stayed in my pajama’s the entire day.  i had great intentions for the day, i’m not sure what happened.  what did i do you ask?  hmmm…

  1. drove to our local farmer’s market fruit stand for more raspberries. it did not occur to me until i arrived there that i had not brushed my teeth yet nor did i have shoes on. seriously.
  2. i sat on my tush and watched my mama make jam and Natalie make salsa.  they both tasted wonderful in case your wondering.
  3. i swung with little sister. is that the right word? swing, swung, swang swinged. something like that.
  4. i forgot to pick up big sister from kindergarten. really.  good thing we live across the street from the school. she was not pleased with me.
  5. started building Nat and I’s website and changed our business name. The Primitive Starr is now Simple Star Designs.
  6. changed into new pajama’s and went to bed.  at 2:30 am.


today was a new day.

today i showered. today i got dress.  today i brushed my teeth and wore shoes.

today i made this.

i think i just might go enter it in this little contest.

and just for your information- that beautiful 80’s wallpaper in our laundry/sewing/craft/pile of ironing 3 feet tall room is currently unavailable due to high demand.


before i go, i’d like to say the following-

i’d like to thank Nat for taking my kids yesterday-i owe you lots of pepsi and a shopping trip to buy useless crap.

i’d like to thank you all for reading my blog.

and i’d like to thank the man at the park tonight for kindly putting out his cigerette when asked to do so because he was

smoking on the playground with all the children!


i would also like to leave you with the following insight-

Whatever you give a woman, she’s going to multiply.

If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So – if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of s@#*.

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