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Jena, Jena, Jena
This girl keeps everyone on their toes. When she is not in her famous Drama Queen Mode she is hilarious.

As you know we’ve been remodeling the bathroom. We had no plans of replacing the toilet. That is until Barry cracked the tank bolting it down. (he still doesn’t want to talk about.). So off we went to get a new toilet.
And who knew those things were so expensive! Wow! You live and you learn.
When the kids got home from school I learned something else. A new toilet is apparently a BIG deal!the excitement was totally unexpected and frankly really entertaining.
Jena would not go more than 10 feet from the bathroom while Barry got it installed. We soon realized the reason why.
She wanted to be the first to use it! She was squealing with delight. Who cares that there was no door on the bathroom (not that that ever concerns her), who cares if there is no toilet paper. She was goin to be the first! And she was. (I think Barry had actually testimgnit out himself but we aren’t going to ruin it for her.)
As entertaining as this all was, I didn’t think much about it after. Until today, when I discovered her shelves. Check out the doll house toilet on the bottom shelf. We now have a shrine to ‘The Throne’.
Funny girl.


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The girls were very happy and probably a little shocked when I came home with Halloween Pony Tail Holders a few days ago.  Totally not like their plain, boring mom to get frilly stuff.

They were a dollar.

And I was therapy shopping. :)

What else can I say?

So this morning we had to have a photo shoot of their cute hair and Halloween outfits, which they planned together.


Cute little stinkers.


And of course we had to have a short shake your boo-tay session!


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This is what came home from school yesterday.


I’m not really sure what to say about it.


He was so pleased with himself.


The shirt did not survive.

The jury is still out on the child.

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I took my running shoes off while sitting at my desk 4 weeks ago.d


They are sad. And lonely. And probably have spiders in them.



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This is what happens when you get home from your morning jog and notice your yard is full of weeds.

So you start weeding them and to keep the two year old occupied you turn on some High School Musical Tunes and hand her the iphone.

She sits perfectly content in the grass singing away at the top of her lungs.

Not that she’s singing the words but that doesn’t matter.

About 20 minutes later you hear…

‘Look Mommy, I clean!’



Dumb. Dumb. Dumb Mother.

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Just in case you were every wondering what is the best way to watch a movie on the iPhone while camping…


Very Comfortable.


Huh? Whacha lookin at?


Darn I love this kid!

We miss you Spencer!

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The day before I left for Colorado both kids had their year end programs, and despite sounding like the bad mother, I don’t have much to say about them. I know, I know, what kind of mother does not expound on every detail of the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Programs! They sang, they wiggled, a few picked their noses (mine included), they got at treat and  there you have it.


I know, I know, what kind of mother does not expound on every detail of the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Programs! They sang, they wiggled, a few picked their noses (mine included), they got at treat and  there you have it. We even video taped the whole thing but I’m not mean enough to post that and bore you to tears. :)


If I was feeling ambitious I would have whitened my teeth and cleared my skin in photoshop but those to things are an entire other post.

I’m just happy Jena got The Mister’s skin and not mine!


Next up was Ryan and the 1st grade. I gotta say this program was a bit more entertaining.


He sat still through the whole thing. That one thing made my heart burst with joy because from the time he was born I didn’t think I’d live to see it!


On his way to get a cookie here. Much more important than mom’s pictures by the way.


This is where they spent a good 2 hours when we got home, going through their art books and year books.  I thought it was so cute until I heard Ryan say he was so glad no one wrote FU in his year book. WHAT! This is elementary school right?  But that was nothing to what I overheard him say to another boy in the park a few days later.  It involved the word Sex.  My 30 years have not adequately prepared me for this part of motherhood.

{insert very long sigh here}

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