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I think some of you know I’ve been running.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I’ve been jogging.

No, no, no, I’ve been jog/walking. Yes that’s it.

I made it through my first 5K at The Race For A Cure.  I know what your thinking, 5K? Seriously?

Yes, it was a big deal for me. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t even close to death when I finished AND I only finished 10 minutes behind Teri and Natalie.

race for cureSuper attractive picture this is NOT.

However, I learn a little lesson that day- Do Not drink OJ before running. Even 1/2 a cup.  You will taste it again. Trust me.  There, you’ve been warned, even though I’m sure you’re all smart enough to know that.

Then last week she somehow got me to run 4.75 to the Fairgrounds where our Husbands play softball.  And would you believe that I made it? I did! And, AND I went from and average of a 13 min/mile to an 11 min/mile. WOO HOO!

Now here is the part that I shouldn’t tell you, lest I fail, only one person will know and not the world. Oh Well.

A few months back Natalie had a fantastic idea to go run the Bolder Boulder 10K in Boulder Colorado.  At the time I thought “oh sure, I have plenty of time to train, and get in shape. It will motivate me! Good Idea Natalie!”

Now? I might be cursing her name just a little bit. Not that it’s her fault at all. She was off running 10 miles last weekend.  Oh, yea! Lets go out for a 10 mile run on Saturday morning! Woo Hoo, So fun! :) Your getting the sarcasm, right?  No really, I wish I could do that, but if you hadn’t noticed, I’m chubby.  It’s a problem.

Back to the point, the race is this Monday, Memorial Day.  And so the two of us are leaving our husbands and children and housework behind bright and early Friday morning.  In fact you might smell burnt rubber as the excitement may get a little out of control as we leave that all behind for a our girls weekend.

My sister has volunteered to take my children for the entire 5 days I’m gone and I hope she still speaks to me when I return.  But while I’m gone, I’m not gonna feel even a little bit guilty about it! Have fun Teri!

So, I have a 6.3 mile run looming over my head and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ever so slightly nervous about it.  Nat, she’ll do fine. She’ll be chillin’ at the finish line in the CSU stadium for a good hour before I come hobbling over the finish line.  You think I kid but I’m gonna make her take pictures to prove it.  I’m not against public humilation.  This is the girl who fell down 3 flights of stairs while in College and I tell everyone about it.  That’s funny stuff, I wish I had it on video to share.  I still can’t believe I just got up and walked on with no injury’s.

Where was I? Oh, yes, On Monday as you are visiting all of your dear departed loved ones, please say a little prayer for me as I run, jog, walk, hobble and crawl 6.3 miles to the finish line!

Forgive me, but just one more…



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You all know how they go…I’m never happy with them, ever. What do you do?


Thinking I’ll learn some photoshop magic and get rid of a few chins!


Where should I stand?


I’m thinking this is the best one.

I would totally put this on my wall.


Hold on a minute, I gotta get something out of my nose.


Oh, Shucks I’m so cute, and I know it.


This one cracks me up, Ry’s smile totally reminds me of my brother Bart.

Forced and Painful looking in every photo.

Jena is doing her ‘skinny belly’.


Ahhh, now that’s cute! Rare, but very cute.

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This is my Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed.


Oh, how I love French Toast. YUM.

Happy late Mother’s Day to all of you!


I’m trying the Square Foot Gardening Method. This box is 4′ x 4′ (picture taken from my 2nd story window on my iphone because the kiddo’s have killed my camera.) and has 1 Tomato Plant, 2 Green Beans, 1 Zucchini, 4 Spinach, 4 Beets, 4 Onions, 4 Strawberries and 4 Marigolds (for bug control).

IMG_0794The idea is to bring in very nutrient rich soil, only 6 inches deep and to grow vertically.  If it goes well I’ll add another box or 2 next year.

We are lucky enough to have some free help.IMG_0787

She’s pretty Cheap labor.

And cute to boot.

IMG_0788She also eats dirt.

Over and over again.

I’m actually impressed with how clean her face is in the picture.

IMG_0790We had a few falls that required kisses and Band Aids and then all was right in the world again.

I’ve decided not to clean my bathtub until next September, because I’m sure we’ll be having ‘brown bath water’ until then.

I’m really efficient like that.

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When we moved to this house we  were happy about several things.

  1. The close proximity to Barry’s family and work.
  2. No more 1 hour (each way) drives to play softball twice a week all summer and fall or every day to work and back.
  3. A house we could afford, in a nice area and that is was more than 2 sq ft.
  4. Good Schools.
  5. And I’m sure my parents were much happier than they let on to get us the heck out of their house! :)

I was also hesitant about several things-

  1. Moving more than 20 minutes away from my parents. Total mama’s girl, I admit it.
  2. Moving out of South Davis County.
  3. Leaving Really good schools.
  4. Living basically in O-town, which I swore I would never do!
  5. Being an hour from 90% of my close friends. I don’t make friends easily. I’m aloof. I’m sort of a loner. Girls scare me. I have issues, what can I say.

Fast Forward 7 months-

  1. I thought I was over being away from my friends but seriously Melissa, I’m dieing without you!  Chris please get a job up here!!! Pronto.
  2. Going to my moms house only once a week, if that, is not enough. I HEART my mom.
  3. School has been OK after a rough start. But wouldn’t you know it my kids have to change schools again next year because of boundry changes! Uhg.
  4. 99% of stores are in O-Town. HATE O-Town! And they are all so far apart!
  5. I really miss Davis County. The set up of the cities. The Recreation available to the kids. My friends. The fact that I know more than 3 people.  I like going to the store, the park, church, school….and knowing people.
  6. 7 Months of going to church and you’d think you’d know some people. Hmmm, nope. (I’m not complain that people are not nice and blah, blah, blah. There’s just not anyone I’ve clicked with. You know?)

OK, now I’m whining.  But really, I don’t feel…’settled'(?) here.   Not sure what brought this on…Yes I’m am, it  was the fact that I had to go to Target, Walmart and Albertson’s today and it took me 4 hours because I had to drive all over the stinking valley just to do it!   Target is 25 minutes away.  That’s just not right.

It’s because my kids want to do soccer, baseball, dance and I’ll be danged if I can find local recreation for them.

It’s because I really liked my last 2 wards in Centerville and not so much here. And I don’t care what people say about going to church for church, it makes a difference if you like/know some people.

It’s because the girl who cuts my hair is 45 minutes away.

It’s because the mall up here sucks.

It’s because the closest Gap is an hour away.

It’s because today I feel like being a whiner and Melissa isn’t around to whine too!

Ok, I’m done now.

****Just one more****

It’s because my neighbor 3 houses up is a complete phsycopath and comes to my house about every 2 weeks to complain about my kids. Seriously, I’m thinking about a restraining order!

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I was so looking forward to this Cheesy Shells and Sausage a few nights ago.

I couldn’t figure out why the mozzerella cheese wasn’t melting. I thought for sure my oven was going out. Oh Great.

Then I reached in and picked up a piece of cheese and tasted it.

It took me a minute.

First I thought it was just freezer burned. I don’t often freeze cheese but I don’t use shredded mozzerella very often so when I have extra, I freeze it.

But that wasn’t it. Then it hit me.

It was shredded potatoes!

I had mixed shredded potatoes in my ricotta and on top of all the shells!


As many potatoes as possible were removed from the top and replaced with actual Mozzerella. It actually turned out ok.

Lesson Learned.

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Big Brother has been begging me to let Little Sister come eat lunch with him and I finally got around to it.

He was so cute helping her through the lunch line and holding her hand the whole time.

She thought it was fantastic and was not pleased when I would not let her stay for recess.


Folding laundry a few days ago I was looking for a pair of jeans without holes in them.

Not possible.  Family pictures where taken in his ‘good jeans’, the ones in  the bottom left.


Speaking of holes in jeans…my most favorite Gap Curvy’s have finally bit the dust.

I am so sad about it, but I’m more sad about the fact that I have to embark on a Jean Shopping Journey.

Otherwise known as H…E…Double Hockey Sticks!


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I finally got the monograms up in my girls room and I love them.

They are about 23″x23″ and look really cute.


Please ignore the brown stuff in the crib. It’s Chocolate Milk. I promise!


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